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Get Indian Parents On Board To Color Your Hair!

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If you thought asking for Goa permission from your parents was the hardest thing, think twice! Because getting them onboard for your hair coloring is a next-level task. The parents who tell you to put coconut oil in your hair during Holi so that the color does not damage your hair and washes off easily obviously won’t be thrilled about you getting a hair color. But worry not! If ThriveCo can create hair color products, then getting on board for your hair coloring is a piece of cake for us.

The most important thing you need for your parents to agree about your hair color is the 101 on hair colors. We are talking about everything from techniques to side effects to solutions. This way, they will realize it is not just a spur-of-the-moment decision but something you have well thought about and read about. Also, if the past has taught us anything, it’s to pick the right moment to have a conversation with parents. So, avoid having a discussion when your dad is watching a cricket match or your mom is watching a soapy drama (trust us, do not disturb her when she is watching Anupama). Create a calm and comfortable environment to have an open and honest discussion.

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Get Indian Parents On Board To Color Your Hair!

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Compelling Points to Convince Them:

  • It Does Go Away! : If your parents are hesitant about permanent hair colors, reassure them that you're open to trying a semi-permanent option. These colors gradually fade, allowing you to experiment without damage or long-term commitment. Semi-permanent hair colors, like Anveya Colorisma, last for approximately 8 to 10 washes, which means you can experiment with different shades and styles without any permanent change.

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  • No, It Doesn't Damage My Hair! : One of the primary concerns of Indian parents about hair coloring is the fear of hair damage. But here's the good news - modern hair color products have come a long way! They are designed to be gentle on your locks, minimizing potential damage, just like India's first no-damage semi-permanent hair color - Colorisma Smart Semi Permanent Hair Colors. A high-quality product that is formulated with no harmful chemicals and prioritizes the health of your precious locks. Assure your parents that you'll choose a product that will keep your hair healthy.

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  • It Repairs Damage! : Highlight how the right product can enhance your hair's texture and shine, leaving it healthier and vibrant. Colorisma Semi-Permanent hair colors are enriched with nourishing ingredients that repair and strengthen damaged hair. They not only have Argan Oil to strengthen hair but its key ingredient- Hyaplex, repairs hair damage caused by bleaching! This means that while you flaunt those fabulous new hues, your hair is also receiving much-needed TLC.
  • I'll Face Those Judge-y Relatives With Confidence! : Tell them how a new hair color can elevate your style and make you feel empowered. It allows you to show your individuality and confidence, making you feel even more fabulous and self-assured. With 8 vibrant shades, Colorisma Semi-Permanent hair colors allow you to discover what suits you best.

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With these convincing points, you can engage your Indian parents in a constructive conversation about hair color for men or hair color for women. Highlight the benefits, debunk the myths, and assure them of your commitment to a safe and temporary change. Remember, open communication and understanding are key to gaining their support. So, go ahead, express yourself and win your parents' approval with confidence!




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