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Detailed Review of ThriveCo Beard Love Light-Oil Serum

About ThriveCo Beard Love Light-Oil Serum

It is an expertly blended, lightweight nourishing concoction that deeply conditions the beard. Moreover, this oil-based serum doubles up as a beard styling product for the perfectly dapper man mane. 

Fast Facts

• Product Name:
ThriveCo Beard Love Light-Oil Serum
• Volume: 30 ml
• Benefits: It provides all-around nourishment to the beard, making it silky, smooth, soft, and nourished.
• Active Ingredient: Olive Squalane 
• About the brand: ThriveCo is a science-backed brand that develops innovative beauty solutions by involving the latest technology and best of ingredients. 

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thriveco beard love oil serum
thriveco beard love oil serum
thriveco beard love oil serum
thriveco beard love oil serum

ThriveCo Beard Love Light-Oil Serum, 30ml

Benefits of ThriveCo’s Beard Love Light-Oil Serum

Using a toner ensures that residual sebum and pollutants are extracted from the pores for a squeaky clean feel. 

Adds moisture to dry beard hair: Beard hair is naturally dry, ThriveCo Beard Love Light-Oil Serum, combines the goodness of olive squalane, argan oil, and moringa oil to replenish some much-needed moisture to the beard strands. It conditions the damaged ends for a softer, well-groomed beard.
The ideal final step to your beard care routine: This super-light, non-sticky beard serum hydrates the beard strands, making them look shiny and healthy.
Prevents beard breakage: It perfectly untangles disheveled beard hair and prevents breaking of the beard shaft.
Perfect to style beard hair: Those with long stubbles can use this product for beard management to make their beard manageable.

Beard Love Light-Oil Serum

Who can use ThriveCo’s Beard Love Light-Oil Serum

Men who are looking for a conditioning, leave-in serum for their beard will love this product. Enriched with natural ingredients it promotes healthy beard growth while adding manageability to the man mane. 

How to Use ThriveCo’s Beard Love Light-Oil Serum

Gently wash and pat-dry the beard. Use the spray nozzle to dispense the serum on the palm of your hands and apply it gently. Distribute this quick-absorption formula on the beard evenly and style as desired.

Beard Care Routine


ThriveCo Foaming Beard Wash, 80ml

This mild beard wash thoroughly cleanses every beard strand and removes, dirt buildup, grime as well as sebum from the beard. It detangles the beard hair while softening and moisturising it. 

beard growth serum for beard growth

ThriveCo Beard Growth Serum, 30ml

It promotes thick beard growth and prevents beard balding. 


ThriveCo Beard Love Light-Oil Serum, 30ml

This is a unique beard serum, that nourishes the beard hair while adding shine and smoothness for the ultimate makeover

beard serum

Packaging Review 

• Product Texture: Light, oil-based serum
• Color: Clear
• Product Scent: Fragrance-Free
• Packaging Feel: 30 ml bottle with a spray nozzle

Results Expected:

The beard feels softer to the touch with improved manageability. Beard hair appears shiny, healthy and conditioned. 


Reviews of Customers:

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