Hunting for a dependable wholesale supplier is a Herculean task. If you are a beauty enthusiast, a skincare professional, or a retailer looking to stock the shelves with high-performing products, you’ve accomplished the task.

Our bulk offerings are your ideal choice. With competitive prices and exceptional quality, we provide products that push you to reimagine the possibility of what self care could be. Our wholesale distribution approach is transparent and direct, handled by competent professionals.

Brands that are creating History

Anveya Living

In a world where maintaining beauty has become a chore, Anveya takes a road less taken. The self love we believe in stems from zillions of hours of indulging in hundred plus products. The joyous journey to attain beauty looks, smells, and feels amazing here.

Our hair and skincare products present moments of joy to help you build a self care routine that is anything, but boring. Every formula at Anveya aims to make you feel something more than just beauty. Feel relaxed. Feel liberated. Feel you.


Here at ThriveCo, we are driven by science. Our high performing creations are based on pure scientific brilliance that does not compromise on quality and safety.

We reinvent hair and skincare. We’re committed to creating products that work. Work for you. Our real restorative formulations are for those who expect to see real results.

We bring better. We strive every day to see you thrive with good skin and healthy hair.


Curlvana is a labour of love. Our founder's curiosity around his spouse's never ending struggle with curls inspired the creation of the new curl care range. It’s the beginning of a new era for curl care, which is easy.

Enough of shelling out money on curl care products that refuse to perform. Ditch the “bare minimum”. We celebrate curls here. We’ve poured our abundant love for curls into thoughtful formulations to nurture all curl types - wavy, loose, tight, and coily! Curlvana introduces curl heads everywhere for easy curl care. Achieve seriously stunning curls with Curlvana.


Colorisma is India's First No-Damage Semi-Permanent Hair Color range. The iconic range conquers one of the biggest challenges in hair coloring, damage. The smart range of hair colors, infused with Hyaplex™, a 3rd gen hair bonding technology, repairs hair bonds as you color. Feel poppy and bubbly as the fun-loving city of Los Angeles, look spectacular as the jaw-dropping northern lights, or carry the profound tones of a juicy Valencian orange! 8 stunning, vibrant, iconic, and brilliant hair colors that heal your hair - improve strength, enhance texture, and add extra shine. Colorisma encourages anyone and everyone to shed the fear and just color.


Hyaplex™, a brilliantly formulated ingredient, repairs hair as you color. The 3rd gen hair bonding technology repairs damaged hair at a molecular level by rebuilding the broken bonds. With abundant hydration and nourishment, Hyaplex improves texture, adds strength and extra shine to your hair. Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Colors stay for a solid 8 to 10 washes as Hyaplex helps with color retention. It seals the hair cuticle, preventing color molecules from escaping.

Partnering with award-winning labs across the world

Our collaboration with these expert labs allows us to develop and refine great formulations that meet the highest standards of quality and efficacy. We understand that the success of your products relies on the precision and effectiveness of the formulations you use. That's why we go the extra mile to ensure that our formulations are of the highest caliber.

We work with some of the brightest minds across the globe. Sitting in the middle of beauty revolution, these partner Swiss, Korean, French or German labs have won respect of the industry and been awarded for their breakthrough formulations.

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