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Patchy Beard

5 Ways To Improve The Growth Of A Scanty And Patchy Beard!

Dr. Shireen Singh
Medically Reviewed By:

Dr. Shireen Singh, MBBS.

Written by Our Editorial Team


What makes beard growth patchy?

A patchy beard can be due to multiple reasons from genetics to an unhealthy lifestyle. Hormones are a key player in beard growth or hair growth in general, specifically in men who have abundant testosterone, which is converted to a powerful hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Now this DHT is what stimulates hair growth in any part of the body, including your beard hair.
One thing that should be noted is the fact that each body reacts differently to DHT and there are other factors that are at play. Men with lower levels of DHT can easily grow a patchy beard.

Tips for beard growth

If your facial hair is patchy but you’d still like to grow a flowing beard, consider trying these tips, these may help you achieve a more confident look:

1. Give it time: the first and foremost thing to do for anyone with a patchy beard is to be patient. Over time your beard will grow thicker and the hair will grow longer. This will fill in the thin parts and even out your beard.

2. Testosterone levels: beard growth depends a lot on your testosterone levels. With most of the time spent inside houses these days, a lot of men suffer from below the optimal level of testosterone, and they can see its effect on their beard growth. Some of the easiest ways to amp up your testosterone levels are very simple. Get a full 7-8 hours of sleep, avoid too much alcohol, eat a good amount of protein and exercise, simple right? Supplements like vitamin D and zinc can also help if you are deficient in those.

3. Beard oil: oils emulsified with needed nutrients for hair growth beard oils are one of the most effective for patchy beards. Make sure to choose an oil that has a blend of ingredients like argan and bhringraj oil, which are proven to improve beard growth.

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4. Using beard growth serum: beard serums are designed in a way to cater to maintaining a healthy beard as well as to stimulate the hair follicles to generate the growth of hair evenly. This kind of serum is a blessing for men with oily skin. Beard oils can feel heavier sometimes, in that case, a beard growth serum works better. It is lighter than oil and yet has all the right nutrients for beard growth.

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5. Diet: a well-rounded diet that is full of protein, vitamins and minerals helps sustain your beard while enabling it to maximise its growth potential. Hair consists of protein, so ensuring that you get enough in your diet is essential.

    Ingredients that will enhance hair growth

    • Capilia Longa: working in the miRNA technology to stimulate hair follicles for growth in the region where most needed. It helps in enlarging follicles for better, denser hair growth. Ensures broader bulb for thicker beard strands.
    • Pentavitin: this super hydrating ingredient moisturizes each strand of hair for a softer, smoother beard. Creates a coating on the beard to protect against environmental pollutants and sun damage. Repairs the skin’s moisture barrier; prevents flakiness and itching.
    • Caffeine: it accelerates beard growth for a uniform, dense, thick stubble, and strengthens the hair shaft, thereby preventing breakage. This also prevents baldness caused by DHT. Activates microcirculation to provide nutrients to the beard hair.
    • Amino acid complex: it lends keratin protein to the beard hair and prevents breakage by strengthening the strands, encouraging beard volume and preventing shedding.

    Remember, it is important to practice the above-mentioned tips regularly to see the results. So stay put, stay calm and keep doing what you are doing, the results will find you soon.

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