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5 Ways You Can Use Rosemary To Fasten Your Hair Growth!

Dr. Deepti Prasad
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Do you remember those Disney princesses with long flowing hair? Is there any magic that can help in growing such long hair? Let's delve in the blog and find out.

Growing hair is like taking care of a child. Just like the child grows with proper love and care, so does your hair. But there are times when you eat well and still your hair doesn't want to grow, as if it doesn't care. Let's figure out what to do in order to be blessed with healthy hair growth.

Genetics, hormones, and lifestyle affects hair growth. Hair usually grows about half an inch each month but varies from person to person. To support hair growth, maintain a healthy lifestyle, a balanced diet and a proper hair care routine.

Is Your Hair Not Growing Properly?

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Wondering why is it hard to grow hair? Genetics affect the growth speed. Hormones go crazy with an intense rush. Imagine your hair as a garden craving the right ingredients and care in order to bloom. And if your locks are not acting right, seek advice from dermatologists. They are like Sherlock Holmes trying to solve scalp mysteries to help hair growth. Rosemary oil can also be your hair's superhero, as it helps in boosting hair growth, hair fall control, helps in hair regrowth, etc.

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5 Ways Rosemary Can Fasten Your Hair Growth!

Rosemary Oil

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Rosemary oil has become very trendy these days. People are going crazy about its potential in boosting hair growth, helping in hair regrowth, and hair fall control, etc. Its effectiveness has forced brands to infuse it in other hair growth products like carrier oil, sulfate free shampoos, conditioners, etc. Here is a list of 5 ways Rosemary can fasten your hair growth:

  1. Dreaming of a magical hair growth? Mix Rosemary oil with carrier oil like coconut or jojoba oil for an effective hair growth.
  2. To give a growth boost right in the shower, add a few magical drops of ThriveCo Rosemary Essential Oil in your regular sulfate free shampoo. Our Rosemary Oil helps in hair growth, hair fall control, strengthens strands, and improves scalp health. The benefits of Rosemary infused with Vitamin C is enough to make it the best go-to haircare product ever that takes you on a journey to healthier and long hair.
  3. Give your hair a spa day at home by creating your own DIY by adding Rosemary oil in honey or aloe vera.
  4. Make your ordinary conditioner a hero by mixing Rosemary oil. It will provide benefits like promoting hair growth and improving hair's quality.
  5. Add magical drops of rosemary oil with hair growth products like serums, giving a nourishing effect to your hair, and helping in hair regrowth.

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Rosemary: The Magical Ingredient for hair growth. Be it shampoos, masks, oil, add it in, and let the hair growth celebration begin.

Frequently Asked questions

1. What helps in growing hair faster?

Trimming regularly, balanced diet, hair masks, use of sulfate free shampoo, and hair growth products that include rosemary oil.

2. How do you use Rosemary oil for hair growth?

Add 5 magical drops of Rosemary Oil in a teaspoon of carrier and massage it gently on your scalp.

3. ThriveCo Rosemary Shampoo benefits?

It promotes hair growth, controls hair fall, strengthens strands, and improves scalp health.

4. Is ThriveCo Rosemary shampoo effective in hair growth?

Yes, a study has proved that hair density increased by 40% in 60 days after the consistent use.

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