Avoid These Ingredients At Any Cost If You Have Dandruff!

Dr. Shireen Singh
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Are you struggling with hair fall, hair thinning, hair dryness, itchy or flaky scalp? Do you notice white flaky substances on your head while combing? Then you should understand that dandruff can be the reason for your hair care issues. Dandruff is a scalp condition that takes a toll on your scalp health. While it may seem like a minor annoyance, dandruff can actually have a significant impact on scalp health if left untreated. It is characterized by small white flakes that shed from the scalp and can be visible on the hair and clothing. Not only can this be embarrassing, but it can also cause discomfort and even lead to more serious scalp issues such as inflammation, scalp psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, folliculitis, and alopecia. Therefore, it is crucial to figure out the root cause and look for proper dandruff treatment to maintain optimal scalp health.

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10 Harmful Ingredients To Avoid If You Have Dandruff

Hair Care

Sometimes, even the best hair care products don’t give the desired result. Your hair becomes dry, frizzy and brittle after every hair wash. This can be due to the harmful chemicals in your haircare product. Many haircare brands promise long, luscious hair and healthy, flake-free scalp, but their products often contain harmful chemicals such as sulphates, parabens, triclosan, silicones which strip the natural oil from your scalp, exacerbating your dry scalp conditions. If you are looking for a solution for dandruff then these harmful chemicals are a big ‘no’ in your haircare products. You should be mindful of these below mentioned toxic ingredients if you have dandruff.

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1. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate & Sodium Laureth Sulfate

SLS & SLES are cleansing agents which are found in most haircare products. These are categorized into foaming agents which are responsible for the formation of suds in the haircare product due to which it is able to remove sebum and grime from your scalp. The foaming agents are also used in laundry, soaps, dishwashers and floor cleansers as well to eliminate dirt and grime from the surface. Using haircare products containing sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) can result in flaky scalp, making your hair dry, brittle and frizzy as it strips natural oil from your scalp and hair.

2. Cocamidopropyl Betaine

CAPB is frequently employed as a surfactant for most haircare products. Although it's not as strong as SLS however, CAPB is known to cause allergic reactions on skin.

3. Diethanolamine & Triethanolamine

DEA and TEA are the 2 most commonly used emulsifiers in haircare products. These 2 emulsifying agents that create lather in your haircare products. Prolonged use of DAE and TEA can cause allergic reactions on the scalp.

4. Dimethicone

Dimethicone is mostly used in hair care products as a type of silicone. It forms an outer coating on the hair shaft, gradually leading to product buildup on your scalp and hair. It clogs the pores of the scalp, leading to itchy and flaky scalp. Its prolonged use can lead to dry scalp condition, dandruff and hair fall.

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5. Sodium Chloride

Salt is a common additive to thicken hair that is used in many shampoos. Chemically, it is known as Sodium Chloride, this salt is well-known to irritate your skin and can be detrimental to the scalp and to the cuticle of the hair shaft.

6. Silicons

Silicons are added in haircare products to impart shine, improving the texture of your hair. It acts as an emollient, attracts moisture to the scalp and hair shaft, thus making your hair look hydrated and well maintained. But prolonged use of silicones in haircare products can lead to product buildup.

7. Fragrances

Fragrances can cause allergic reactions in some people, which can also worsen dandruff. Look for haircare products that are devoid of strong fragrance or opt for products that use natural fragrances like essential oils.

8. Alcohol

Alcohol is a common ingredient in haircare products that can be drying to the scalp and lead to flaking. Look for products that are alcohol-free.

9. Parabens

Parabens are preservatives commonly found in cosmetics and personal care products. Some people may be sensitive to parabens, which can exacerbate dandruff. Look for products that are paraben-free.

10. Coal Tar

Coal tar is an ingredient commonly found in dandruff shampoos, but it can be irritating to some people. If you find that your dandruff worsens with use of a coal tar shampoo, consider switching to a different scalp treatment.

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If you are struggling with dandruff and flaky scalp, the above mentioned ingredients should be avoided at any cost as it can exacerbate your scalp condition. Dump the synthetic haircare products containing harsh chemicals, instead embrace a holistic approach towards haircare. Use haircare products containing skin friendly and anti-dandruff ingredients, if you are looking for an effective solution for dandruff. Your dandruff treatment should have anti-dandruff and anti-inflammatory ingredients such as pyrithione zinc, salicylic acid, ketoconazole, sage, tea tree oil, rosemary oil to go flake-free. Octopirox is an innovative ingredient which is considered to be the best treatment for dandruff. ThriveCo Anti-Dandruff Pre Shampoo Treatment contains this anti-dandruff ingredient ‘Octopirox’ which fights flakes, alleviates scalp itchiness, and prevents the growth of microorganisms responsible for flaky scalp. It is considered to be the best treatment for dandruff as it contains other skin-friendly ingredients such as arginine and pentavitin which keep your scalp hydrated and well nourished.

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You should be aware of the harmful ingredients present in your haircare products. Avoiding these harmful ingredients can help soothe an itchy scalp and reduce the severity of dandruff. It's also important to maintain a healthy hair care routine that includes regular washing, conditioning, and scalp massages to keep your hair and scalp healthy and balanced. By being mindful of the ingredients in your hair care products, you can effectively manage dandruff and celebrate your long, luscious locks.


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