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Ask any curly head with perfect set of curls how did they achieve them! They would tell you a long tale of trial and error that led them to the results that they proudly own now. The moral of this story is that achieving the perfect set of curls is no easy feat when you are a beginner; hence, we asked our in-house curly hair experts some frequently asked curly hair styling questions to help you find answers to all your curly hair doubts!

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1. How Do I Wash My Curls To Get The Most Out Of Them?

Washing Curly Hair

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In an ideal world, anyone and everyone with any type of hair type can purchase identical shampoo and conditioner and achieve the same results, but we do not live in an ideal world, hence curly heads must invest in a good curly-friendly shampoo and conditioner. Using CG (Curly Girl)-friendly products enhances your curls. Washing your hair upside down and using a tangle teaser to brush through the conditioner in the shower will increase the definition of your curls. We recommend you try Curlvana’s Fortifying Curl Cleanse Shampoo and Curl Shine Gentle Conditioner. The cleanser helps you get rid of grime and build up in your curls without losing natural oils, while the conditioner intensely hydrates your curls making them all shiny and bouncy!


2. How Do I Dry My Curly Tresses?

Drying Curly Hair

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When it comes to drying curly hair, you can either choose to air dry it or diffuse it using a blow dryer. Either way, do not touch or adjust your curls after stepping out of the shower! And do not brush your hair when it is wet so that the definition of your curls does not wane. And it is extremely important that before air-drying or diffusing your hair, you use a leave-in-cream and styling gel to lock your curls in. We recommend you try Curlvana’s Moisture-Lock leave-in cream and curl-defining styling gel!

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3. What Are Three Must-Own Products To Style Curly Hair?

Hair Care Products

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The three must-own products for curly heads would be:

  • Curlvana Leave-in-Cream : Keeps your curls hydrated. 
  • Curlvana Styling gel : Adds definition to your curls. 
  • Curl-defining hair brush : Gives you stunningly defined curls with less frizz. 

4. How Do I Add Volume To The Roots Of My Hair?

Voluminous Hair

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Hair styling that results in voluminous roots when you have long, curly hair can be tricky. You would be in a war against gravity because your long curls would be pulled down, thus making your curls look elongated and your roots appear flat. One way to mitigate this is by washing your hair upside down, as we mentioned before, and trying to add Curlvana leave-in cream to bring back the volume to your roots.

5. How Do I Renew My Curls After The Second Day Of Washing?

Styling Gel

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If you feel like your curls have become loose two days after showering, do not worry because it is natural for this to happen. To improve the look of your curls, try reapplying the Curlvana hair styling gel and scrunching it to add texture to your curls.

6. How Do I Maintain The Frizz?

Frizzy Hair

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The best and only way curly heads can reduce frizz is by making minimal contact with their hair, i.e., not touching it and not dry brushing their hair, because dry brushing their hair is a recipe for frizzy hair for curly heads. Curlvana Curl care range also helps in cutting down the frizz in your curls by intensely hydrating them. 

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We hope we were able to answer your burning curly hair questions and be sure to check out our curly hair care range, Curlvana, while you are building your hair styling routine!

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