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Hair Growth Serums

Hair Growth Serums: The Best Alternative To Hair Transplant For Hair Growth

Dr. Shireen Singh
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Dr. Shireen Singh, MBBS.

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Hair fall is a common problem these days among men and women. Bad lifestyle choices, coupled with stress, hormonal issues, and environmental aggressors are the prime factors responsible for hair fall. The ongoing cycle of hair loss has led to people resorting to invasive treatments like hair transplants and surgery. However, topical hair serums can be an excellent alternative to the aforementioned invasive treatment. So, before you decide to go under the knife and needles, why not try an effective hair serum and see the results it yields.

Many hair growth ingredients help to optimize the scalp environment to encourage and support healthy hair growth. When formulated with the correct percentage of hair growth accelerating ingredients, hair growth serums work better than a hair transplant.

How do hair growth serums work on the hair growth cycle?

Hair growth serums work on the foundation of hair i.e scalp and delve deep into the hair follicles to generate improved hair growth. Ingredients that improve blood circulation in the scalp stimulate the hair follicles and extend the anagen phase of hair growth. For those who don’t know, your hair has a growth cycle and the stages in the cycle include anagen, catagen, and telogen. Hair goes through an ongoing process of cell division during the anagen phase which lasts between 3 to 7 years. The catagen phase is when the cell division stops within the hair strands and follicular regression begins, this stage lasts for 3 to 7 weeks. The telogen phase lasts for about 3 months and then the hair stops growing and then falls off from the follicle. The hair serums help in prolonging the anagen phase, to ensure thick, healthier, and denser hair growth.

Hair growth serums are an excellent alternative to a hair transplant. Here’s why.

While there is no “magic pill” for hair growth, certain ingredients like Redensyl, Capilia Longa, Anagain, and Procapil have been clinically proven to work on hair fall and pattern baldness. These hair restoration ingredients prevent future hair loss and regrow the locks, in areas of scanty and patchy hair growth. They are DHT fighting ingredients that work on a cellular level to regenerate hair growth. DHT is a hormone that shrinks the hair follicles, making it easier for the hair to fall out. It also shortens the hair growth cycle and is a major contributor to hair loss.

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As opposed to hair growth serums, hair transplants are elaborate and invasive. It is a unique form of surgery where donor cells are extracted from different parts of the scalp and planted in areas of hair loss. If done correctly, it looks natural, but there is a lot that can go wrong in this intricate procedure.

Some of the many disadvantages of hair transplants are:

  • Cost factor
  • Painful process
  • Recovery time
  • The risk and success rate
  • Maintenance
  • Unnatural appearance

While comparing products with procedures would be like comparing apples and oranges, it is important to highlight the benefits of hair growth serums.

  1. A bottle of hair serum is cost effective and will last you for about 1 month.
  2. Hair growth serums are pretty much like applying any topical serum without any discomfort.
  3. Serums can be easily incorporated into one’s lifestyle. It can be used as directed and requires absolutely no expert or medical intervention.
  4. No extra effort or maintenance is required after using a hair serum; just an appropriate hair care regime is all that you need.
  5. Hair serums work on the dormant hair cells and stimulate hair growth which is a natural process unlike hair transplants that give off an unnatural look.

Having discussed the pros and cons of hair transplants and hair growth serums, the latter is the safest and easiest option to start your hair growth journey with, before you opt for a painful, invasive hair transplant. With years of research on ingredients that help with hair growth, we have created a world class Hair Growth Serum with Redensyl that has zero side effects even after a prolonged use.

ThriveCo's Hair Growth Serum 2.0

ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum 2.0 contains a pathbreaking concoction of Redensyl, AnaGain, Procapil, and Capilia Longa which activates dormant hair follicles for improved hair growth while controlling hair fall.

  • Redensyl generates a new hair growth phase by activating dormant hair stem cells.
  • AnaGain reduces hair loss by rebalancing the hair growth cycle.
  • Procapil fights premature hair loss.
  • Capilia Longa works on miRNA technology to stimulate new hair growth in areas of hair thinning.
  • Apart from that this serum contains Hyaluronic Acid and Pentavitin to hydrate the locks and reduce scalp dryness by repairing its moisture barrier.

Buy ThriveCo Hair Growth Serum 2.0


Review Shared By Sriyashree P.

customer Review



"I've used it for a month now and it worked like magic. my hair feels healthier and very shiny too. it has even voluminised my hair. Loved the experience."


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While hair transplants might be a popular hair regrowth procedure, it comes in a packaged deal with a variety of cons. There are plenty of serum alternatives available in the market that work just as well, minus the cost, pain, maintenance, and downtime. Topical hair loss solutions are enriched with the best-in-class ingredients that are proven to fight hair loss and are an excellent non-invasive solution for hair loss and can restore the confidence and self-esteem of many. Therefore, a hair transplant should ideally be the very last resort if nothing else is working.

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