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Haircare For Men: Why Does Balding Begin Earlier For Men Than Women?

Dr. Deepti Prasad
Medically Reviewed By:

Dr. Deepthi Prasad, MBBS.

Written by Our Editorial Team


Earlier, the terms such as ‘self-care’ & ‘grooming’ were predominantly focused on women. Men are equally a part of it, as they are also equally conscious about their appearance. Today, we are diving into a topic that has gained increasing importance in recent years - haircare for men. Gone is the time when haircare was contemplated solely as concern for women. In today's society, men are placing greater emphasis on their appearance, and their hair is no exception. Men are also concerned about their hair growth.

A well-maintained head of hair can boost confidence and self-esteem. As per a recent study, about 60% of women and more than 80% of men struggle with hair fall issues at some point in their life. Hair fall is common both in men and women, but they tend to lose their hair in different ways. When it comes to haircare for men, the most common question that pops up into the mind is - how to stop balding? In this blog we will explore the different aspects of hair care issues in men and how to deal with it.

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Why Are Hair Care Issues Different For Men And Women?

Hair Care Issues

As per the stats, around 75% of men and 45% of women experience permanent hair fall in their lifetime. The hair loss in men is more noticeable than women because of the condition called androgenic alopecia. This condition is more common in men. Androgenic alopecia, commonly known as male pattern baldness, is a genetically inherited condition that typically starts with hair loss at the temples and a receding hairline in the characteristic "M" shape. Hair loss at the crown is also common. This condition is caused by an increase in androgen receptors in the hair follicles, which are activated by androgens like dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT is a derivative of testosterone that damages the hair follicles, hampering the normal growth of hair. Due to the increase in the level of testosterone in the body, they are more likely to produce DHT and thus more susceptible to hair loss compared to women, who do not possess a similar genetic predisposition. Nowadays,most of the shampoos, conditioners and hair growth oil for men contain DHT blockers to curb hair fall.

The main cause of permanent hair fall in women may be due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, childbirth or due to menopause. Any underlying medical condition can also be the reason for hair loss in women.

Why & How Should Men Pay Attention To Haircare?

Your skin demands constant attention, be it your facial skin or your scalp. Not just women, haircare is equally important for men. Mens hair is no different from women's, so the basic rules of haircare remain the same for both genders. Men usually complain about the receeding hair line, which if ignored can lead to balding. Now, how to stop balding? The answer is : having a customized haircare regime in place, and being consistent with it, nipping the problem at its bud. Haircare plays a vital role in the personal grooming and hygiene of men.

Hair Grooming

A proper hair care routine, including regular cleansing, conditioning, and moisturizing, can help improve hair growth, keeping hair healthy, strong, and lustrous. The main idea behind haircare is to keep your scalp clean and in good shape. If your scalp is healthy, it will boost the growth of healthy hair. A healthy head full of happy hair adds charm to one’s personality. For scalp cleansing try ThriveCo’s Hair Vitalizing Rosemary Shampoo which cleans your scalp, adding strength and stimulating hair growth.

Neglecting hair care can lead to dry, damaged, and brittle hair, which not only looks unappealing but can also lead to hair loss and other scalp-related problems. If hair loss is your concern then look no further, as ThriveCo’s Hair Growth Serum with its advanced formula can stimulate hair growth by activating the dormant stem cells. This hair growth serum contains hair growth boosting ingredients such as Redensyl, Anagain and others. Redensyl is a primary ingredient in many hair growth serums for men.

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For scalp related problems, we recommend using ThriveCo’s Scalp Care Kit which consists of an exfoliating scalp scrub (clears and revives your scalp) and a vitalizing scalp serum ( provides nourishment to the roots).

Dry and itchy scalp conditions keep pestering every now and then. If you are looking for a permanent solution to get rid of those flaky white substances on your scalp, then try ThriveCo’s Anti-Dandruff Pre Shampoo Treatment. This pre-shampoo treatment contains anti-dandruff active- Octopirox and Pentavitin, which clears dandruff, improves the barrier function of the scalp, eliminating itchy and flaky scalp.

If you are struggling with premature grey hair, ThriveCo’s Hair Prime Serum is highly recommended. Its regular use can help manage premature grey hair effectively because of its key ingredient, Arcolys, which works to inhibit hair whitening.

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You can make your hair care regime more indulging and hassle-free with just these 5 hair care products from ThriveCo. Including these 5 products in your regular hair care regime can provide you respite from all your hair care woes.

Not every man likes spending hours on haircare, most of them look for quick and effective solutions. So they need haircare products that have a stronger and faster impact on hair care issues. By investing in best haircare products specially designed for tackling mens hair issues and making it a part of the daily routine, hair issues can be nipped at the bud. Even the best haircare products will prove futile if you apply them in the advanced stage of your hair problems. With a regular hair care regime, men can maintain healthy and attractive hair, ultimately leading to improved self-confidence and a positive impact on their overall well-being.

About Doctor :

Dr. Deepthi Prasad

Dr. Deepthi Prasad specializes in Dermatology, Cosmetology, and Aesthetic Dermatology and has been practicing for over 15 years. After completing MBBS from Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences Andhra Pradesh in 2009, she earned a MD in Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy from Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad in 2014.




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