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Some Wavy Hair Tips You'd Wish You Knew Before

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What is wrong with my hair? The first question that pops up in your mind when your hair isn't hairing. When you look at the people with awesome waves, and question how their waves are so perfect, you are not aware of the amount of effort they put into maintaining them. If you are blessed with Goddess-like waves, never question their potential. Your waves can give you the most beautiful makeover, only if you invest the right amount of love and care in them.

Different hair types require different ways of pampering. Caring for wavy hair is an art that involves understanding your hair's unique texture and then choosing the right hair product. Your waves will be happy once you learn how to celebrate your authentic self. Ready to unlock the secret to perfect wavy hair? Let's get into the blog.

Some Wavy Hair Tips You'd Wish You Knew Before!

Wavy Hair

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Desperate to fulfill your dream of having beautiful wavy hair? Well, here are some ways to achieve it:

  • Sulfate-Free shampoo: Your wavy hair deserves the best, and when we talk about ‘best’ Sulfate free shampoo is what comes to mind. Use Curlvana Zero Frizz Non-Drying Wavy Hair Shampoo as it helps in cleaning your scalp and hydrating your hair without leaving any residue behind.

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  • Conditioner: Your waves seem happy on the day of wash but become dull on the 2nd day? Why? Maybe you are not using a conditioner, a moisturizing agent. For the most hydrating hug, use Curlvana's Nourishing Hydrating Wavy Hair Conditioner. It helps in detangling, removing frizz, and adding shine to your waves.

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  • Air dry: The most natural and safest way to dry your waves is air dry. Heat method can lead to dull, damaged and frizzy hair.
  • Mousse: The last step after applying the best shampoo and conditioner is Mousse. It adds a pinch of happiness to your waves. We recommend using Curlvana's Extra Definition Non-Sticky Wavy Hair Mousse, a secret potion that gives extra charm to your hair.

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  • Wide comb: Use a wide tooth comb that can gently detangle your hair without any drama.

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Get beautiful waves by following these tips. Also, include the right hair products in your hair care routine to make your waves happy.

Experience the beautiful transformation from normal waves to godly waves by following these tips.

Frequently Answered Questions 

1. What is the best for Wavy hair?

Include sulfate-free shampoo and a conditioner that is good for your waves in hair care routine. Try to twist and scrunch your waves while they are damp. Use mousse to add extra charm and lastly, regularly trim your hair to keep it healthy.

2. What not to use on Wavy hair?

Say bye-bye to haircare products that contain sulfate as it takes away the natural oils from your hair and causes frizz. Also, do not use silicone-based products as they weigh down your waves.

3. Is wavy hair attractive?

Yes, without a doubt. Wavy hair is unique and beautiful. It has its own charm.

4. How do I look good with Wavy hair?

Your waves can look good if you use sulfate-free products, get a face-flattering haircut, use fewer heating tools, sleep on a satin pillowcase to avoid any friction, and most importantly carry it with confidence.

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