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Spilling Some Hot Tips On Using A Hair Towel

Dr. Deepti Prasad
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Dr. Deepthi Prasad, MBBS.

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Our Instagram feed is full of videos about tips on how to use daily objects correctly. And this gave us the idea to write a blog about hot tips on using a hair towel. So, let’s delve into it and see how it’s done!

While using a hair towel looks easy, it is important to keep in mind certain things while drying your hair with it:

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1. No Rubbing

No Rubbing

We have mentioned this a thousand times and we will say it again: Do not rub your hands vigorously with a towel! Always, and we mean always, pat dry your hair gently to avoid hair damage and breakage.

2. Wrap It

Wrap It

Yes, we are talking about that cute towel turban. Once you are done patting, wrap a towel around your locks and leave it for a certain time. This will speed up the drying process while you get ready.

3. Towel Quality Matters

Damp defens towel

Use an anti-breakage hair towel that is lightweight and gentle on your locks. Look for a towel that has a quicker drying process and higher absorbency than a regular towel.

Enters ThriveCo Hair Buddy Damp Defence Towel Wrap. Crafted with advanced DampDefenseTM technology, this expertly designed towel wrap offers a specially designed weave that minimizes hair damage and tames frizz. Its ultra-absorbent properties ensure your hair dries quickly, saving you time and reducing the risk of heat-related damage from blow-drying. This method does more than simply secure your hair; it permits excess moisture to be absorbed quickly. The softness and gentle nature of the hair towel make it perfect for breaking hair, especially coarse hair. Position the hair towel wrap with the button behind your neck and cowl your head with it, turban-style. Then, lightly twist the length of your hair from the front, securing the twisted component by looping the thread through the button on the lower back.

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4. Section Hair 

Section hair

Sectioning your wet hair while drying will fasten the drying process. And no, you don't need a lot of clips to do this. Just grab small sections of your hair one by one and scrunch it up all the way to the roots. This process is efficient and not damaging. Make sure you're using the fresh part of the towel each time. 

5. Hair Towel Is For Your Hair!

Hair Towel

Always use a different towel for your hair and the rest of the body. Your body contains dead skin cells even after a good shower. Additionally, the oil composition of your hair and body is entirely different. Also, if you're someone facing dandruff issues, this is a rule you just have to follow to avoid any irritating skin infections. 

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6. Patience Is Key

Hair Wrap

Keep your hair wrapped for a while until it absorbs the excess water in your hair, resulting in dry, frizz-free hair. However, it is also important not to keep it for long as it might over dry your hair, making your hair frizzy and dull.

7. Wash The Hair Towel Regularly

Wash hair towel regulary

Wash your towel regularly to keep it free from dirt and germs. Otherwise, using a towel even of the best quality will prove to be pointless.

Now, go incorporate these steps into your daily routine and watch your hair transform from dab to fab!


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