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Curl Pattern

These Are The Reasons Why Your Curl Pattern Changes!

Dr. Shireen Singh
Medically Reviewed By:

Dr. Shireen Singh, MBBS.

Written by Our Editorial Team


If you have lately felt like your curls look much different than they did in the past, we promise that you are not the only one who feels that way about your curly hair. This is probably because your curl pattern has changed over time. Although there is little to no scientific research on this topic, we cannot ignore the collective opinions of curly men and women with curly hair.

Curly Hair

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A curl pattern refers to the curls of your hair. This curl pattern is determined by the hair follicles. The more tilted your hair follicle, the tighter your curl pattern. At this point, you might be wondering, “Does my curl pattern change due to my hair follicles changing?” It is said that hair does not change, but it does alter itself every few years. So follow us along to learn what changes your curl pattern and how you can maintain it.

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Why Does Your Curl Pattern Change?

1. Hair Damage

Hair Damage

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Excessive usage of hair tools and protective hairstyles that stretch out your curly tresses, thus leading to changes in your curl pattern So take a chill pill on those tight buns, ponytails, and heat styling tools, and make sure to keep your curls moisturised with curly hair products.

2. Pesky Hormones

If you have gone through major hormone-altering experiences like pregnancy, puberty, or menopause, then it is possible that these instances can have a drastic impact on your curl pattern. These hormone-altering experiences have the potential to cause a change in your hair follicles, thus changing the way your curls appear.

3. Hair Growth

Hair Growth

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As your hair grows, it is possible that your roots have to bear more of the weight of the rest of your strand, thus elongating your hair and making your curls looser.

4. It is the genes

Sometimes, it is family Sid online: “It is what it is.” Maybe it's all just genetics, and there is nothing you can do about it. As we told you before, your hair follicle dictates much about the way your hair looks, and hence, for whatever reason your hair follicles change, your hair texture will also shift.

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How do you maintain your curl pattern?

Is it possible to renew your original curl pattern? It's a Yes and No. While you cannot do anything about your follicles, it is possible to maintain your current curl pattern by moisturising your curls and following a proper hair care routine with products that are aimed at curly hair care.

Maintain your curl pattern

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We recommend you try Curlvana’s Deep-Nourish Hair Mask, which has the potential to restore moisture to your curls if they are ultra-dry and dull. This product intensely moisturises curls and transforms them into soft, bouncy, perfectly defined ringlets. And follow this up with a curl care shampoo and conditioner like Curlvana’s Fortifying Curl Cleanse Shampoo and Curl Shine Gentle Conditioner, and finish it off with Curl Styling Leave-in Cream and Curl-Defining Styling Gel for healthy and luscious curls.

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If your curls have been lightly compromised, the above are probably the reasons why, and we are hoping you found your reason and remedy to maintain your curl pattern. Be sure to check out Curlvana’s curly care range to change your pattern.

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Dr. Shireen Singh

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