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These Body And Hair Mists Will Make You Feel Fancy As Hell!

Dr. Deepti Prasad
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We have heard people complaining about strong perfumes. Even when you appreciate the scent, the intensity is a bit too much to handle. We get it. No, we seriously get it, which is why we cooked up a series of hair and body mists. The invigorating scent of these mists are mild and lasts longer than you’d expect!

What Is A Body And Hair Mist?


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To put it simply, they’re god given gifts to mankind. Trust, that’s the lowest we can dial down the drama to! When the conversation is about mists, we get dramatic. Why wouldn’t we! Does smelling good, sorry, divine, mean nothing to you?

A body and hair mist is a refreshing and lightweight, water-based scent in a bottle meant to be used from head to toe. The scents in these mists are subtle, which makes them suitable for daily use, in fact you don’t have to think twice about spraying the mist multiple times in a day. They are the finishing touch to your look.

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Know All About Anveya Body And Hair Mists!

Our awfully cool range of body and hair mists, Mist in the city, comes in 5 different episodes - Slide into my Dms, 2am Hookups, Please hesitate to reach out, Can't adult today, Main character energy. Let’s get to know each of these in detail.

EP1 : Slide Into My Dms


This floral, fresh and woody fragrance is the go to for young women out there who are unafraid to seek adventures that bring in the thrill and adrenaline rush. The scent is so delicate, yet beautifully exciting. It carries the energy of a girl next door with a fun and flirty charm. The notes in this mist are from Cherry Blossoms, Sandalwood, Pears, Mimosas, and Jasmines.

EP2 : 2am Hookups


Musky, rosy and powdery, this mist will keep you hooked to it for a long time! Forget everything you know about sensuality because this scent will redefine the idea of sensuality for you. With notes from Rose, Peach, Musk, Sandalwood, Amber and Patchouli, this beautifully crafted scent dares you to face the fierce woman in you. It encourages you to explore the realm of fantasy!

EP3 : Please Hesitate To Reach Out


Carrying a woody, citrus and fruit filled scent, this mist is a cry for freedom. Freedom from responsibilities that weigh you down, people who bother you and anything (or anyone) else that you feel needs to be shed right away! It makes you feel ready for some much needed fun. Embrace your real self in this floral symphony! The bold notes of this scent are from Mirabelle, Freesia, Bergamot, Peach, Patchouli, Rose, Amberwood, Lemon, Musk, Sandalwood, Orange and Jasmine.

EP4 : Can't Adult Today


Don’t you wish adulting came with a break? Your wish is our command. The citrusy and spicy aroma of ‘Can’t Adult Today’ is like hot girl summer in a bottle. The aromatic fusion of mandarin, lime and basil are your passport to unplug from adulting for a while. The mist seamlessly adapts to any occasion you accompany it to, without interfering with your mood to just let everything be and choose not to adult. The invigorating notes of citrusy mandarin and zesty lime wrapped in a fresh spicy embrace gives way to a carefree escape.

EP5 : Main Character Energy

The 'Main Character Energy', is one of our personal favourites! Who doesn’t want to be the main character of their lives?The sweet, smok-y and citrus-like fragrance invites you to embrace the explorer from within and own the main character's energy. This tropical and fruity symphony sets the stage for some wild adventure. The rather bold notes of the mist are from Pineapple, Birch, Bergamot, Black currant, Patchouli, Rose, Oakmoss, Apple, Musk, Ambergris, Vanilla and Jasmine. The scent is a trail of olfactory wonder!

Why Use Anveya Body And Hair Mist?

We believe, having to deal with a bathroom cluttered with hundreds of beauty products is not a pretty sight. The solution? Dual purpose products. The multi-purpose dreamy mists are perfect for your body and hair! Thought you were the only multi tasker around?
If yes, amazing! You’re on the right track. If not, it’s time you do. Why, you ask? We’ll help you with that!

1. These Scents Are What Dreams Are Made Of

These scents are what dreams are made of

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To say the least, Anveya mist in the city is literally what your beautiful day dreams are made of! Each of these scents are intensely refreshing. Created with carefully picked ingredients perfectly safe for skin and hair, these scents make you feel like a floral treat. Fancy brunches, dinner dates, whatever might the occasion be, you’d find one scent that you’re looking for!

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2. Amazingly Nourishing

Amazingly Nourishing

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Mists must nourish your skin and hair. And our range of mists, do that task effortlessly! The mists contain Mahua Oil which is extracted by cold-pressing Mahua seed kernels. It is capable of getting rid of acne, blemishes to make your skin soft and radiant. Not just that, did you know it promotes hair growth as well? Yeah, you heard that right.

3. Non Comedogenic

Non Comedogenic

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All of our mists are non comedogenic, which means, it doesn't contain any ingredient that would clog the pores of your skin. It's perfect for you, even if your skin is sensitive and acne prone. The mist will not trigger new acne or make your breakout situation worse than it already is.

4. Supports Skin Barrier

Supports Skin Barrier

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Our skin barrier is super important to our body. Without it, the water inside your body would entirely evaporate, leaving you dehydrated. Vitamin B5 enhances the skin barrier. It as a humectant, reduces the moisture lost from the skin to the environment and helps immensely in improving it.

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5. Softens Skin

Softens Skin

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All the cruelty free, vegan, sustainably sourced and gluten free ingredients in the mist combine their power to soften your skin making it smooth, glowy and plumpy!

Anveya mist is the city comes in handy at any point in the day. Out of the shower, out of the gym, whenever you feel like, you need a refreshing zesty fragrance on you, these are your go to scents. It’s meant to be sprayed liberally from head to toe. The smell lingers everywhere you go!


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