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This Is How Heating Tools Damage Your Hair!

Dr. Deepti Prasad
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Dr. Deepthi Prasad, MBBS.

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Day in and day out most of us reach for that blow-dryer when we hop out of the shower and use those curling irons and straighteners when we are heading out for those happy hours! But we never really consider the repercussions of intensive heat styling of our hair. You are right; today we’ll be taking a closer look at hair damage due to heat styling and what are some of the ways you can remedy it.

How Does Heat Damage Your Hair?

Regular usage of heat-styling tools like blow dryers, straighteners, crimpers, and curling irons exposes your hair to the risk of heat damage. In addition to this, in heat styling devices that lack ranges of heat setting the damage becomes even more pronounced and extreme.

damaged hair

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This heat damage happens due to heat styling changing the molecular composition of your hair. Hair is made up of keratin and when it comes in contact with very high temperatures like 140℃ the keratin transforms from ⍺ Keratin to β Keratin because of your hair melting under the heat. This leads to your hair losing its elasticity leaving it damaged and porous!

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Due to hair damage, your hair can appear as one of the following or all of the same time if your hair damage has become irreversible:

  • Extremely dry and rough in texture.
  • Loss of shine of your hair
  • Loss of natural pigment of your hair.
  • Severely lacking in moisture and luster.

How To Treat Heat Damaged Hair?

1. Sulfate-Free, Healing Shampoos

Sulfate-Free Shampoos

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Shampoos that are formulated sulfate-free minimize the damage to your already heat-damaged hair. We believe ThriveCo Hair Healing Shampoo is the best shampoo for damaged Hair. It has been formulated with a unique formula; Hyaplex, a third-generation hair bonding technology that repairs your hair by rebuilding broken bonds and sealing damaged cuticles! In addition, the shampoo has been specially formulated keeping in mind the hair damage that occurs as a direct result of heat styling, hair bleaching, pollution, and stress.

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Review Shared By Kaur A.

Customer Review



"Due to coloring n high lighting , my hair had lost their shine . They become frizzy n brittle. Thanks to this amazing shampoo. just a few washes and I can already see the difference. My hair are much smoother and shinier now."

2. Invest In A Good Conditioner


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Investing in a good conditioner is so important if your end goal is to repair your heat damaged hair. Conditioning agents smoothen the cuticles, reduces hair breakage and tangling to improve the overall look and feel of your hair. The Hair Healing Ultra Light Conditioner from ThriveCo is a conditioning powerhouse with a restorative formula infused with Hyaplex. The expert formula heals heat damage, moisturizes hair strands and regulates frizz making hair ultra smooth. 

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Review Shared By R.S.

"Have used this thrice and can see the difference already. The hair feels much smoother and softer. Has also helped in repairing the damage. Really liked it."

3. Chop Your Ends Off

Chop Your Ends Off

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If your hair is damaged beyond, Sorry my friend you have to prepare yourself to chop your hair off. This can greatly improve the quality of the new hair that grows after chopping your hair. But it is also important to take good care of your hair post the hair chop so that you do not fall back into your old patterns of extensive heat-styling hair!

4. Hot Oil Treatments 

hair Oil

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Engaging in a hot oil treatment twice or thrice a month will work as a deep conditioning treatment for your hair. You can use Olive Oil for the same. Heat it, let it cool down, apply it to dry hair and wait for an hour before shampooing. Hot Oil Treatments help restore the lost nourishment in your weak damaged hair.

5. Use Anti-Breakage Hair Towel 

hair Towel

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The towel you use to dry your damaged hair plays an important role in improving it's health. Do a favour and use ThriveCo Hair Buddy to dry your hair after a shower. The Dampdefens towel is designed to gently remove water from your hair, improve keratin strength and reduce the breakage of weak damaged hair. Also, if you use the same towel for you hair and body, right now, will be a good time to rethink that idea. 

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Review Shared By Reema

"This is my best buddy between my Zumba and office. thanks so much for quick dry towel. No more hair damage from hair dryer 🥰."

Despite these remedies at the end of the day, the best way to mitigate hair damage due to heat styling is only by keeping your hands off heat styling tools! But if you do find yourself in the deep waters of damaged hair we recommend you to check out ThriveCo’s Hair Healing Shampoo to rebuild the bonds of your hair!

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