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Tips To Deal With Everyday Curl Drama

Dr. Deepti Prasad
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Dr. Deepthi Prasad, MBBS.

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The Curly Chronicles includes multiple major dramas that the curly hair folk face from everyday. Fret not, this blog here is to encapsulate all the problems that you face and how to solve them. Don’t worry, as we’re all in this journey together and together we’ll defeat these so-called problems. And we’ll do so by adding our own set of instructions on how to face this problem. If you are facing any of these problems do not be discouraged if treatments aren’t particularly working out as we will be giving some ideas as to go about treating and avoiding it as well! This one is for everyone, be it the curly hair men or women, for long hair curls etc. So let’s begin!

Curl Problems Every Curlhead Goes Through!

There’s a plethora of problems that come along with having curls and we’re here to look into some of them. They are-

1. Dandruff/ Greasy Scalp


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Dandruff and greasy scalp can be a real problem when it comes to dealing with curl drama. People with curls tend to use and choose styles that go for a longer tenure so they won’t have to shampoo as much and since they don’t do that much… dandruff and grease can appear.

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2. The Heat Trap

Heating Tools

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Heat can get trapped within loops of your hair thus causing your hair to expand and get more prone to breakage. It’s funny how one problem leads to another but this is quite a notorious one and people aren’t particularly fond of it and dismiss it as nothing…

3. Color Fading

Color Fading

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Color on your long hair curls can start to fade away over time. Exposure to sunlight accelerates the process for curls. By this point, we’re sure you’re feeling a little miserable over your curly hair and a little of the humidity. Just two more points to go and we’ll get to taking care of the situation!

4. Slow Growth

Slow Growth

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People with long hair curls tend to face slow hair growth due to the curls growing out in different directions… which brings us to our next point.

5. Frizz And Tangles

Frizz And Tangles

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Frizz is a very common problem in curly hair. And accompanying them are tangles as well…

But don’t sweat as we’re here to take care of these problems like easy-peasy lemon squeezy! All these problems will vanish as we move onto the next section of the blog…

The Solution To The Curl Drama!

If there’s a negative there’s a positive, if there’s a zero then there’s a one, bad and good and so on… And just like the problems faced by our lovely curls wearing folk there are solutions for them as well. So don’t sweat because well, the sweat is gonna build up on curly hair and it’s going to get frizzed… We went off the tangent, so here are the solutions to your curly hair problems!

1. Shampoos


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There are special shampoos for curly hair conditioned especially for your curly hair. Try out our Curlvana fortifying curl cleanse shampoo. This shampoo for curly hair will remove grime, sebum and buildup from your hair and will encourage curl definition and shine without weighing the hair down! Go Curlvana to attain nirvana!

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2. Trim To Dim The Heat

Trim To Dim The Heat

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Short hair for curly hair is another way to go. Sure, long hair curls are a very trendy look but why not set another trend, right? So go and have your hair trimmed to beat the heat and set a trend!

3. Repairing Hair Colors 

Semi-Permanent Colors

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Normal colors will fade and are more damaging. Try out our semi-permanent hair colors infused with Hyaplex, a 3rd gen hair bonding technology. It repairs your hair each time you color! So, basically, coloring your hair with Colorisma colors will replenish your hair health and ensure better curl health. 

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4. The Heterogenous Combo Of Oil And Water

Hot Oil Treatment

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By this we don’t mean to mix oil and water and apply it to your hair. Having a hot oil treatment will help replenish your hair again and give life to them. At the same time stay hydrated as well to make sure you stay healthy along with your curls!

5. Diffusing The Situation

Diffuser for Curly hair

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You can use diffusing treatment for your hair to get rid of frizz. Diffusing hair is a well known treatment that uses a dryer attachment to diffuse the airflow. Diffusing hair also boosts curl formation and gives longevity to your hairstyle

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Drama’s all good unless it happens to us. Curl drama is very real and we’re here to help you fight it. This blog told us about some of the problems as well as solutions to them to help you get better hair health. Be sure to check out the Curlvana Ultimate Curl Kit as well to help you in this and hence fight off the curl drama you’re facing :)


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