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Why Is Your Hair So Frizzy? Get Rid Of The Frizz!

Dr. Deepti Prasad
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Dr. Deepthi Prasad, MBBS.

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Humidity + summer + hot winds are not a recipe for a good beach day but frizzy hair. And we all know that frizzy hair is not a good side effect to have when going during summer. Frizzy hair can be especially frustrating when there’s no avail to tame it. But before you get into a bustle with fighting the frizz it is important to know how frizz occurs. Frizzy hair is a direct result of a lack of moisture in the hair. Due to the lack of moisture in the hair, your strands seek out moisture from the surroundings, which is why humidity makes your case worse. Apart from this, it is also completely possible that you are contributing to more frizz.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

1. Your Ends Are Damaged

Split Ends

If you feel like the ends of your hair are brittle and you have spotted split ends then it most certainly means that your hair is damaged. And damaged hair is an automatic invite for frizzy hair. Besides split ends can have a nasty tendency to climb up your strands thus making your hair look poor in quality. Hence its advisable to chop your split ends off to save your strands and follow it up with a hair serum to seal your ends.

2. Excessive Use Of Hot Hair Styling Tools

Hair Styling Tools

We hate to be the one to break it down to you, but regular/ daily heat styling tools strip your hair of its moisture thus leading to extremely frizzy hair. It is best if you could completely retire heat styling but if you cannot then keep it at a minimum and use it.

3. You Are Not Using The Correct Hair Care Products

Hair Care Products

Using harsh hair care products can also lead to frizzy hair. Using shampoos and conditioners that do not strip away the natural oils of your scalp and hair is crucial. We recommend you try Thriveco's hair healing shampoo and conditioner; which has been specifically formulated to tackle frizz and simultaneously give your hair a punch of hydration and repair breakage from within and add shine and smoothness to your hair. It is formulated with Hyaplex; a complex 3rd-gen bond-building technology that repairs damaged hair at a molecular level by rebuilding the broken bonds in the hair and fortifying the hair strength from the outside.

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4. You Dry Your Hair Aggressively With A Rough Towel

Rough Towel

Wet hair tends to be extremely impressionable hence warping your hair in an extremely abrasive towel can suck the moisture out of your hair thus creating a breeding ground for frizzy hair. And if you have curly hair this can lead to clumps and tangled curls. But don't worry ThriveCo introduced Anti Breakage Towel to reduce breakage and frizz.

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Hope you learnt a thing to two about frizzy hair and what you need to stop doing to reduce frizz. And be sure to check out ThriveCo's hair healing shampoo & conditioner to get one step closer to tackling your frizzy today!

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Dr. Deepthi Prasad

Dr. Deepthi Prasad specializes in Dermatology, Cosmetology, and Aesthetic Dermatology and has been practicing for over 15 years. After completing MBBS from Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences Andhra Pradesh in 2009, she earned a MD in Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy from Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad in 2014.




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