Teal Hair Color Ideas

10 Teal Hair Color Ideas You Must Pin Immediately!

The Shaadi season is here! Whether you are the bridesmaid or just attending a relative's wedding, we have a sure solution to make heads turn (let us just hope you do not steal the bride's thunder). TEAL HAIR COLOR!

Yes, you read that right! If Kylie Jenner and Rihanna can rock it, so can you girls! And to help you stand out from the rest, we will give you 10 amazing teal hair colour ideas in this blog!

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10 Teal Hair Color Ideas You Must Want To Pin Immediately!

Global hair color? That's so yesterday! Streak, balayages, and highlight hair are the new hair color trends in town, and the possibilities are limitless! Unlock the magic of enchanting teal hair ideas using Colorisma Havana Teal Semi-Permanent Hair Color, and watch as you leave everyone spellbound!

1. Peekaboo


Source : Pinterest

As the name suggests, adding teal color to the bottom layer of your hair gives a peeking effect when the top layer of your hair moves.

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2. Underlights


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Underlights are the go-to choice for women who love to look mysterious yet amazing. Add the teal shade beneath the top layer of your hair, and voila, stun everyone by revealing the hair color only when you tie up your precious locks.

3. Dip Dye Ombre

Dip Dye Ombre

Source : Pinterest

Remember Kylie Jenner’s 2014 Billboard Music Award look? The one with blue ombre hair tips? If you think that trend is outdated, think again. The dip dye ombre fad is back, and how! Add a teal hue to your hair tips and look gorgeous.

4. Accents


Source : Pinterest

Enhance your facial features by adding subtle accents of teal color to the hair around your face or from the top of your crown down around the sides of your face.

5. Highlights


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While everyone is opting for highlights, one way to stand out with the same hair color technique is to opt for a unique hue. Teal highlights can add depth to your locks as well as create a stunning look.

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6. Streaks


Source : Pinterest

You know a hair color technique is sensational when goddesses like Rihana and Beyonce flaunt it. Go, add striking teal streaks throughout your hair and look enigmatic.

7. Half And Half

Half And Half

Source : Pinterest

Yes! It is a hair color trend, and yes, it is a good one. Add a teal color to half of your hair and a contrast color like lilac to the other half, resulting in a bold, dynamic look.

8. Holographic hair

Holographic hair

Source : Pinterest

Holograohic hair is a futuristic trend adored by Gen Z. Add shades of teal and other hues with an iridescent, holographic effect to create a look that will win hearts.

9. Mermaid hair

Mermaid hair

Source : Pinterest

Yes, it is true! Your childhood dream of flaunting mermaid hair can come true by combining various shades of teal, turquoise, and aqua.

10. Gradient hair

Gradient hair

Source : Pinterest

Flaunt hair that transitions from a darker teal shade to a lighter teal hue steals the spotlight.

Go, book your hair color appointment right away, and flaunt that teal hair color this Shaadi season. P.S.: Opt for Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Color for healthy, teal hair.

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