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All About Colored Hair And Sulfate-Free Shampooing!

When you go for a haircut, you take a bath and shampoo your hair as well right? Similarly, when we get our hair colored do we have to shampoo our hair as well? No. Wash your newly colored hair only after a full 72 hours post hair coloring. 

Colored hair is prone to a lot of damage and hence it is essential that hair care is administered properly upon it… Regular shampoos tend to have sulfates and other harmful chemicals in them. Of course, good ol’ shikakai is amazing and the most desi choice as well, but selecting a specific color protection shampoo is also important to select otherwise you may end up with damaged hair! Sulfate-free shampoos that are actually effective are hard to find and usually not as effective as marketed by others! But don’t be disheartened… Your colored hair deserves the best hair care there ever is and we are here to provide it! So fill up your bucket with water and read up on what’s what! 

When Should I Shampoo My Hair After Coloring?

Shampooing hair after coloring is extremely crucial! Too soon and you’ll end up diminishing the hair color’s effect on you. Too late and well, damage will be visited upon your hair by bleach and its chemical overlords! It is advisable to wait for at least 72 hours before washing your hair to properly allow the color to settle in. Try avoiding clarifying shampoos as they may end up fading the color away. If leaving bleach on for too long has caused issues, use a purple shampoo as it will help bring back the natural tones of your hair.

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Shampooing your hair is a must though and do not forget about it as it is essential for your hair to recover and be less vulnerable to damage in general. And a sulfate-free shampoo is the one go-to choice you won’t regret after coloring your hair. But why is that so?

Why Can't I Use A Shampoo With Sulfate On Colored Hair?

Sulfates are the reason why your shampoos, soaps, toothpaste, etc. are able to foam and lather. They are basically surfactants that attract oil and water, thus helping your skin get rid of them easily. But the underlying problem is that hair needs a bit of moisture to stay healthy and sulfates end up taking that away as well!

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This brings up the need for having our shampoos sulfate-free because such a shampoo will end up ripping out the newly deposited color onto your hair! Clarifying shampoos are too harsh and can end up fading away the color in our hair.  A dry shampoo shouldn’t be used too often as it is quite heavy for the hair as well. Color protect shampoos free from sulfates are a good choice as well… With our recap done, this is why we need to use a special sulfate-free shampoo for protecting our hair!

What's A Good Sulfate-Free Shampoo For Colored Hair?

You need a good sulfate-free shampoo for your colored hair. This shampoo should protect your hair from color bleeding while doing the job of cleansing. The only and the best possible product we'd recommend? ThriveCo Hair Healing shampoo.

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Thanks to our hero ingredient, Hyaplex, this shampoo is capable of repairing and rebuilding the damaged hair bonds. It reverses the damage caused by bleaching along with reducing hair breakage and frizz. This instant reparative shampoo hydrates and restores shine in your colored hair strands without letting the color bleed. 


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