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All About The Hair Bonding Technology For Hair Colors: Why Is Everyone Talking About It?

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If you are embarking on the journey of hair coloring, it is almost certain that you have come across the question, “Does hair coloring damage your hair?” Well, to be honest, it is almost impossible to avoid the damaging aspect of hair coloring because of the step that precedes hair coloring: Bleaching will inflict damage on your hair. But don’t become sad yet because there is a new hair bonding technology on the block i.e Hyaplex, a hair bonding ingredient present in our semi-permanent hair colors that might just be the right thing to save your hair from being damaged while you chase your hair coloring dreams.

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What Is Hyaplex?

Semi-Permanent Hair Colors

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Hyapalex is our 3rd generation hair bonding technology infused in our semi-permanent hair colors, Colorisma. Hyaplex repairs your hair post-bleaching when you apply our hair color to it. Hyaplex repairs bonds at a molecular level, enhancing colour retention, improving hair texture to make your hair extra glossy!  

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How Do Hair Colors Infused With Hyaplex Work?

It’s natural for you to wonder, How does Hyaplex work? And why haven’t I heard of this hair damage-reversing magic formula? While I’m about to explain, put on your thinking hats because things are about to get a little bit scientific, and besides, it’s never too late to catch up on some science.

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  • Hyaplex has the potential to reconstruct broken bonds in the scalp, and thanks to its molecular restructuring technology, you can kiss goodbye to dry and damaged hair post-hair coloring.
  • Hyaplex has the strength to seal off your hair cuticles post-coloring, thus making your hair color last longer without bleeding out.
  • Hyaplex makes your hair appear smoother, thus allowing your hair to look healthy, feel soft and smooth, and most of all, look shiny!

With Hyaplex, you say goodbye to your boring old hair colors and kiss welcome to Anveya Colorisma semi-permanent hair colors that come in 8 vibrant colors to kick hair coloring damage off your list of concerns.




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