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Neon Hair

Are You Down To Give A Neon Spin To Your Hair?

Are you ready to add a little flair to your look? Recreating a new avatar by giving a neon spin to your hair is a good idea. It gives a bold, funky and eye-catching look. Neon hair colors which come in bright and vibrant hues, such as neon green, yellow are in rage these days and are sure to turn many heads.
Neon Green

Whether you want to make a style statement, feel adventurous, or spice up things, neon hair color might be the way to go. It is a vibrant hair color which both men and women can pull off effortlessly. Now that Anveya's Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent hair color has Northern Neon, a jolting green hair color, it won't be wrong to say that neon hair color has become a global hair color and is in vogue this summer. When the temperature starts rising, all the bright shades start pouring into our feeds, with the toxic neon green taking the lead.


Semi-permanent hair color

• Free from harmful chemicals.
• Repairs hair-bonds as your colors.
• lasts 8 - 10 washes.
• Works best on pre - lightened hair.

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Give A Neon Spin To Your Hair!

Hair styling goals are changing every day, particularly when it comes to hair coloring. Experimenting with hair color is at an all-time high, with unconventional shades such as neon green, purple and yellow becoming just as popular as traditional ones like brown and blonde. These are trending hair colors for men and women. Check out these neon hair color styles.

1. Green & Blue Asymmetrical Bangs


Green & Blue Asymmetrical Bangs

Neon green has become a celebrity hair coloring trend. Famous celebs are flaunting their hair in green, setting new hair styling goals.

2. Green & Black Streaks

Green & Black Streaks

You can take hair styling inspo from the famous American singer- Billie Eilish, who has colored her hair in green and black streaks. Indulge in a stylish makeover to pamper yourself. You can also style your black hair with neon green.

3. Short Neon Green Hair 

Short Hair With Neon Green Hair Color

Opt for short hair, such as a bob cut, which is ideal for flaunting neon hair color. Whether your hair is straight, curly or wavy, you can go for a foxy pixie cut to add a bold look to your personality.

4. Ombre Neon Green Hair

Ombre Neon Green Hair

Ombre neon green hair color may be hard to resist if you are a person who likes to mix and match, playing with colors. If you are uncomfortable with brighter shades, you can ask your hair colorist to mix neon green with subtle hues, enhancing your whole persona. It's never too late to check out new hair trends.

5. Neon Green & Tokyo Purple Split Dye

Neon Green & Purple Shade

This breathtaking combination offers stunning results. Be ready to accept compliments with this unconventional hair styling color combo - Northern Neon & Tokyo Purple. 

6. Dark Neon Green

Neon Green

Add more fun and drama to your life with the trendy dark green neon hair color. You can mix various hues of green and keep experimenting with vibrant shades of semi-permanent hair color. You can flaunt the dark neon green hair color with intricately braided mermaid hair.

7. Neon Green & Yellow strands

Neon Green & Yellow

Neon green combined with yet another bright, vibrant hue, such as Cairo Yellow, can give you a sizzling hot look. Be ready to take over the world with this new hairstyle. If you want to look like the green sea, give yourself some neon green and yellow waves.

8. Neon Green & Brown Hair 

Neon Green & Brown Hair Color

Brown is a semi-permanent hair color which adds a warm and subtle hue to your hair. Styling your hair in loose waves will enhance this power-packed semi-permanent hair color's flattering result.

9. Balayage in Neon Green and Cairo Yellow 

Neon Green & Yellow Hair Color

You can create an intricate look with neon green and yellow balayage. A short wavy hairstyle with neon green and yellow balayage is perfect for a costume party look. Balayage is a global hair coloring technique often used to create natural-looking highlights.

10. Dip Dye in Neon Green

Just the Tips With Neon Green

If you do not wish to color your hair green completely, you can color the tip of your hair with a neon green semi-permanent hair color. Coloring the tip with neon green gives a striking appearance to your hair, making you stand out in the crowd. Afterall, Dip Dyes will never go old. 

11. Neon Green Money Pieces

Neon Green Money Pieces

You can incorporate neon green money pieces in your locks. You can use this shade as a highlight giving you an offbeat look. It is the best way to add a touch of neon green to your hair. It's the best idea ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How To Achieve Neon Green Hair?

If the natural color of your hair is dark, you have to bleach it to lighten it and then apply neon green semi-permanent hair color.

2. What Colors Go Well With Neon Green Hair Color?

Neon green hair is usually paired with cool shades like blue, purple, brown and yellow. You can be experimental and complement it with other vibrant shades. It goes well with your natural hair color.

Now you are ready to give a neon spin to your hair, but before taking the plunge, take a moment to reflect on the beauty of your natural hair color. Adding a pop of neon to your tresses is a sure-shot way to show off your wild side, letting your persona shine through. Anveya's Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Color range of 8 vibrant and vivid shades allows you to experiment with colors without committing to a long-term change.






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