Coloring your hair for the very first time

Coloring Your Hair For The Very First Time? Here Are Some Tips To Color Like A Pro!

If you have decided to give your hair the much-needed colorful makeover it needs then you have come to the correct place! Because today, Anveya presents to you the top tips to color your hair like a pro! We understand that the hair color aisle within itself is enough to make you faint at your grocery when you are planning to color your hair at home so don’t worry we’ll give you a helping hand to get you back on your feet and running in no time to become a home hair coloring expert.

But before we dwell on the tips that will make you a pro, let’s educate ourselves on the nature of at-home hair dyeing products. Most box dyes that are sold over the counter are branded and advertised as global hair colors that are promised to work on all types of hair colors from brunettes to blondes this promise holds in the case of box dyes products because at-home permanent / semi-permanent hair colors are strong - Yes, even stronger than the ones used in salons so that it enriches your hair the way it portrays on its box.

Tips to color your hair right the first time!

1. Pick the hair color

Picking the hair color

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Breathe in… Breathe out…. Relax before you pick your hair color, we understand the hair color-holding aisle of your local grocery store is looking exhausting and you are unsure as to what color to pick, but remember the vision you had when you wanted to embark on the journey of hair coloring, have a solid reference of how you want to color your hair before you go off to pick a hair color and have ideas on how you would be styling your hair after you color your hair and if that includes a haircut to do it before coloring your hair so that you do not have to cut off the color-treated hair.

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And if you are worried about the mysterious formulas in box dyes we introduce to you Colorisma, India’s first semi-permanent hair color with Hyaplex formula that repairs your hair as you color. It comes in 8 stunning shades. They're damage proof and uniquely vibrant. 

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2. Buy two boxes of hair dye

Hair Dye

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If you have hair that is shoulder length or longer, buy two boxes because you need to be able to completely cover all sections of your hair with the hair color so that your results look even and blotch-free. And if you are going for balayage or  money pieces with fierce colors like Colorisma’s Northern Neon or Madrid Red do not forget to bleach the parts of your hair that you want to color.

Buy Colorisma Madrid Red Semi-Permanent Hair Color


Buy Colorisma Nothern Neon Semi-Permanent Hair Color


3. Turn the place before your mirror into a hair coloring station

Hair dye Tools

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Be a surgeon when it comes to hair collaring assemble all your hair coloring allies before you Start coloring your hair; The hair color, gloves, your preferred developer, hair sectioning claw clips, hair coloring bowl & brush, and do not forget your bleach if you are highlighting your natural hair color. Yes, we said hair color mixing bowl and brush; as fun as it might be to squirt the hair color from the bottles provided in the hair dyeing boxes they usually do not provide a professional and clean result so, to achieve a professional hair coloring experience whip to your bowls and brushes. If you are using other brands of hair colors rather than Colorisma then there is a scope for hair damage in that case don't forget to add ThriveCo Color Buddy ( the Fix and the Mix ) in your list, an instant solution to combat damage from hair dyeing. 

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4. Stain your hair, not your forehead!


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Most beginners face this problem following their first hair-drying experience, but that’s most hair-dying beginners not you because Anveya’s got you! You just need one product that is available in all Indian households to prevent this catastrophe and we introduce it to you; Vaseline! Just grab some Vaseline and slather it on your forehead to prevent the hair dye from staining your foreheads. This comes especially handy when you would be dyeing your roots in the future.

5. Sectioning is your best friend

Parting your hair

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Section your hair into four halves by parting your hair in the middle but horizontally so now you have two parts near your ears and two bellows and you can start coloring your hair in these sections. By using this technique you will never miss a spot and you will not be having a single patch of your hair that remains undid after your hair coloring process!

6. Do not skip the strand test!

strand test

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We repeat DO NOT SKIP THE STRAND TEST! You will never know how your hair will react to certain hair dyes and hence it is always best to do a strand test to check how your hair reacts to the particular hair dye. By doing a strand test you will also get to know how your hair looks with the hair color on. It is also advisable to check the health of your hair before you start the hair coloring process to know more, read our blog on Anveya will tell you how: Check the health of your hair before coloring! 

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7. Start at the roots

Start at the roots

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Always, Always, Always! Begin to color your hair from the roots. This is because your roots are the most dense part of your hair and the least affected by heat damage or hair treatments so it takes a lot longer for the roots to absorb the hair dye.

8. Leave your hair down

Leave your hair down

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Yes, we know that you have seen those advertisements where the model pins her hair in a bun after coloring it, but instead, we suggest you invest in a hair coloring gown or wear an old shirt that you wouldn’t mind getting dome dye on. We recommend letting your hair down because having your colored hair in a bun will not give consistent and even results.

9. Condition your hair when it is done

Condition your hair

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This is a very crucial step because conditioning is the only way you will; let your colored hair know that it can stop soaking in the dye. By failing to condition your hair you risk ending up with a much darker hair color than you would have expected.

And those are the 9 steps/ tips that will let you achieve the professional at-home hair coloring experience.



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