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Developer Volumes : All You Need To Know About Volumes, Application & More!

Greetings new and old readers! There is a slight chance you walked into this blog thinking “Why on Earth are these guys talking about developers? Isn’t that like an IT job?... Wait, are they hiring?”. Well this blog does talk about developers but it’s the ones that you mix with your hair color to color your lovely hair! It’s quite a vital element you need when you bleach hair and color it to the lovely shade you want. Never shall a moment be duller, for ye shall use Colorisma semi-permanent hair color. But before we bring out the bleach and the color, let’s learn a little more about developers.

Why Do You Need A Developer To Color Hair?

Developer To Color Hair

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To put it simply, there’s a code that we can trigger in our hair called the oxidation reaction. This code is basically what helps us to lighten our hair to a brighter shade by lifting the cuticle layer of hair. If you want to lighten your natural hair color to get any color, for example red hair, purple hair or blue hair, you need a developer. To write and execute this code we need a “developer” which will lighten our hair to get the desired hair color.

Which Volume Developer Do You Need?

There isn’t just one type of hair developer, there are other types as well. So before we begin to bleach hair, hold up, wait a minute. They are categorized on the basis of how strong they are and how much lift they provide so let’s find out about the various types of hair developers as well.

The 10 Volume developer gives you around one to four levels of lift depending on the type of bleach and how you apply it to your hair. However this isn’t really a very strong hair developer hence there are chances that your hair might revert back to the color they were before. Yikes.

The 20 Volume Developer is the most common gun in town. All them saloon peeps use it. This is because it highlights hair to the color you want in the most liked and popular shade. It gives you around one to nine lifts and thus you should make sure if your scalp and hair can handle it or not.

Finally we arrive at the 30 Volume Developer and 40 Volume Developer. Both are extremely strong and should be used with extreme precaution. If you lose your hair, there is no telling if even a hair transplant can develop it back to its original state as even that procedure requires some prerequisites. But that’s a story for another day!

Psst! Did you know there’s even a 5 Volume Developer as well? Crazy, right? This hair developer is used mostly with semi-permanent hair colors and gives a slight lift to your hair. So in case you want blue hair, red hair, purple hair or any other color for the matter, but you want to go the Colorisma way i.e. by using our semi-permanent hair colors use the 5 Volume Developer. So grab on a pack of our Moroccan Blue, Madrid Red or Tokyo Purple with a 5 Volume Developer and you’re set!

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How Do You Apply A Developer?

Before you apply a hair developer, mix the developer with your hair color. Normally it’s in the ratio of 1:2, i.e one part of color and two parts of developer, but be sure to check if the product you use has a different recommended ratio and mix it accordingly. After bleaching your hair, apply it to your hair according to what you wish but not directly on the roots as it can damage your roots. Leave it on for 30-45 minutes but not more than that or it can damage your hair. And then voila!

Do Not Do This With A Developer! 

Dying Hair

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Think it’s about time we also discuss what you shouldn’t do with a developer such as telling them their code doesn’t work. Wait, we got the wrong developer…

1. Mix It According To Your Will

How much to light up our stars again? That’s right, the rule of thumb ratio of 1:2, or it’s best to check what the product specifies! Do not mix the color and the developer according to your will because the effects might be drastic.

2. Leave It On For Longer Than 45 Minutes

Anything longer than 45 minutes brings more emotional and hair damage than your regular oopsies. Apply it for like 30 minutes and you’re good to go. After hours is horrible…

3. Use 30 And 40 Volume Developers

Say we love you guys, but we’re out of time. Why’s that? Because you used the developers mentioned above. They are highly powerful so make sure your hair is up to the task before you proceed.

4. Contact With Your Eyes

In your eyes, we see there’s something burning inside you. Is that… developer? Developers contain a lot of chemicals, so make sure they stay away from your eyes, k?

5. Apply Directly To Your Scalp

But then you applied hair developer directly to your scalp, a single tear drop falling from your eye. As we stated before, developers are high in chemical content. Only apply them to your hair, not the scalp!

Using a volume developer is sort of a necessary evil but now that you’ve read this blog, we hope we’ve best informed you of how to make sure it doesn’t damage your scalp your hair and to get the best results out of it possible. 





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