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Ombre Hair Colors

Dye Diaries: Why be basic, when you can go ombre?

The cards have revealed themselves. It’s Ombre time! But before we begin collecting hair colors we need to know what Ombre is. The Ombre hairstyle is basically a seamless and smooth graduation from a darker to a lighter color. If you’re ever looking to show a transition from your emo phase to a more cute and fun vibe, this might just be the look for you. So basically goths to brunettes, y’know? Or, maybe just a plain symbolism of night turning to day. Sleepyheads might hate this as it highlights hair in a way that they don’t really like at all. Or even better, something like two shooting stars falling from the sky, one falling into darkness and the other shining bright, being drawn together by a ripple… So from brown hair color to light brown hair color, let’s begin our journey into Ombre hairstyles.

How To Create An Ombre Hair Color Style?

So you got bored of that red hair color or blue hair color highlights hair that you had? Or perhaps that burgundy hair color is just too much and wish it was somewhat different? Well it is time to break out of that box and grab two shades, one light and one dark of the same semi-permanent hair colors, bring them out of their boxes and… Well, what are you waiting for? On your feet soldier, we are moving!!

1. Bleaching


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The first and most important step of all, the bleach. Mix your developer with the bleach in the ratio of 2:1 i.e. two parts of developer and one part of bleach. This highlights hair color and brings the best out of it. No matter if it's hair color for women or hair color for men, you will always need bleach.

2. Selecting the color for you

Selecting the color

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We mentioned it before, you’ll need two shades of semi-permanent hair color, one dark and one light. You can go for something like brown hair color and light brown hair color, but it isn’t completely necessary. You can also go for a combo like dark red hair color and light blue hair color. You can check out Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Colors India's first no damage hair colors.

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3. Apply the dark color on your upper sections and light color on the mid lengths and ends

Ombre Hair Style

Source : Pinterest

After a wait of thirty to forty-five minutes of applying the bleach (not more than forty-five minutes), apply the darker shade you selected to the upper section of your hair and the lighter shade to the mid lengths and ends of your hair. And whaddya know, your brand new Ombre hair style is ready! Just some Ombre kicks, baby.

Why be basic, when you can go Ombre?

Stuck on the second step from above? It’s cool, after all we’re here to help. Here’s the Highlights Hair Style of eternity: Ombreak the box with Ombre!

1. The Brunette Style

Brunette Style

Source : Pinterest

The dark to light brown hair color transition… Even Tiktokers and Instagrammers cannot make a transition as well as this one! It’s the OG style, it’s the one you go to when all else fails!

2. The OmbRedHead Style

OmbRedHead Style

Source : Pinterest

The red that represents the color of a heart… to the color of the blood that is within the heart. From the ends of your hair to their roots… it’s a bloody (pun intended) fantastic color style if you’re going for something that is fierce and cool. How can it be cool? Well, the rose sherbet usually is so… you get a two in one deal!!

3. The Blue Specter

Blue Specter

Source : Pinterest

Alan walked away from the chilly blue ice, but the specter never faded away… Such is the amazing blue Ombre style . Really a clean look if you want to go for an amazing aesthetic!

4. Broody Burgundy

Broody Burgundy

Source : Pinterest

Burgundy can be an amazing vibe too if you’re going for a dark, brooding one. All the people out there claiming they are Batman, well they’ll have a hairstyle that shows his broody nature as well!

5. Built Different Color Combinations

Built Different Color Combinations

Source : Pinterest

Keeping the roots of your hair dark and then going for multiple layers of different light colors underneath can also prove to be a really quirky and fun combination. The hair drip will be leagues above everyone else!

We seem to have reached the end of this blog. We hope we were somewhat able to captivate your attention towards Ombre hair styles, how to apply them and some looks that look really good. Have a good day and always be ready to Ombre!




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