Hair Coloring Styles

Hair Coloring Styles For Beginners

Welcome, my dear friend, to the colorful side of hair dyeing! We know a thousand things are swarming around you, and we are here to streamline those echoing voices in your head, starting with the first thing you need to decide when you decide to color your hair, which is what hair coloring style you would like to pick. We know you want Billie Illish’s neon hair, Ciar’s unicorn hair, and Kylie’s King Kylie all at the same time, but let's not get ahead of ourselves here and let's take a look at some beginner-friendly hair coloring styles to embark on a smooth first-time at-home hair coloring experience.

9 Hair Coloring Styles For Beginners!

1. Mystic Falls

Blue hair

Source : Pinterest

Beat your Monday blues every week with this exotic blue balayage at the ends that creates the look of mystical waterfalls when you add a few loose curls to it. The best part about his style is that it is easy to maintain and easy to recreate with Anveya Colorisma’s Moroccan Blue.


2. Pink Hair Don’t Care

Pink hair

Source : Pinterest

Lily Pulitzer said, "Anything is possible with sunshine and a little pink.” And we agree that we bring hot pink money pieces style highlighted hair that gives major femme villain energy, and if you are itching to begin your villain, go grab Anveya Colorisma in the shade LA pink and color your pre-bleached money pieces to embody this look.


3. Dipped In The Pool Of Sun

Cairo yellow

Source : Pinterest

Want to show up as the ball of sunshine you are? Try these yellow-dipped ends paired with a reverse bob haircut to get that edgy yet flirty look. Achieve this look with Anveya Colorisma’s semi-permanent hair color in the shade Cairo yellow.


4. Orange Is The Happiest Color!

Orange Hair

Source : Pinterest

This summer, if you want to turn yourself into the human embodiment of a pulpy orange, then this look is for you! If you want to keep the lengths of your hair natural but show some color in the roots of your hair, this look is perfect. Finish this look with Anveya Colorisma’s Valencian Orange.


5. Purple Dreams

Purple Hair

Source : Pinterest

Don’t shy away from a little purple that turns your world into Barbie dreams of purple. While you are at it, make it pastel purple to add an extra flare by mixing Tokyo purple with a little hair conditioner.


6. Neon On The Fence

Northern neon

Source : Pinterest

Don’t be shy about adding some more neon to your strands; it’s okay if you are nervous. That’s why we bring to you Northern neon dipped ends that add a jolting touch to your natural hair color.


7. Embrace Your Inner Rockstar

Havana Teal

Source : Pinterest

If you are in your rock star era blaring sex pistol in your Marshall headphone as you scream at the top of your lungs, then take it a step further to completely embrace this phase by dying your hair Havana Teal painted with short bangs and dark eye makeup to go full punk!


8. The Hide-And-Seek Look

Madrid red

Source : Pinterest

If you are an introvert and do not want to make a statement with your new hair color, don’t worry, we got you. We bring to you Madrid red peekaboo that peeks through your natural tresses from beneath. You need to try this peekaboo look.


9. Plant Gorgeous Money Pieces

Green hair

Source : Pinterest

If you want to show more of our northern neon, then you need to try this neon green money piece to channel serenity and calmness like the aurora lights of the northern pole.

Are you still here? How sweet of you! But don’t wait up for us because we are always here, so go chase your hair coloring dreams, and with the help of our semi-permanent hair color, we are sure you are going to have a great time.




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