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How Do You Color Your Hair Without Ruining It?

The anecdote of hair damage that eternally follows the indulgence in hair dyeing and hair coloring is one that everyone who has colored their hair is aware of, and in unfortunate circumstances, some might have come face-to-face with it. This is because 95% of our hair is made up of proteins These proteins make up the shaft of your hair, and what is essential for permanent and semi-permanent hair color is to raise your cuticle, thus allowing the proteins to be lifted off your strands, thus leading to:

  • Loss of strength
  • Reduced ability to handle heat styling
  • Rough and Frizzy hair

Damaged Hair

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This goes to show that hair dyeing and hair damage are two peas in a pod, and they’re inseparable because hair damage is part of the process of hair coloring. Hence, at ThriveCo, we have taken it upon ourselves to course-correct the hair coloring process by making it less damaging by adding one small product to your hair-drying process. Introducing Color Buddy, a two-part product that instantly combats damage from hair dyeing!

How Does Color Buddy Help You Dye Your Hair Without Ruining It?

Color Buddy by ThriveCo is a 'take-home' hair color complement! A simple two-step procedure must be included in your hair dyeing or coloring process to reverse hair damage. color Buddy is made with 3rd Generation Bonding Building Tech HYAPLEX, which repairs your hair from within and seals the outer layer, protecting it from further damage.

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As we mentioned, color Buddy is a two-step process:

The Mix: Concentrate

  • The mixture works at the molecular level to reduce damage.
  • It penetrates the hair shaft along with the color of your hair.
  • It restores damaged hair bonds caused by bleaching.

Fix: Leave-in-serum

  • This helps keep the hair cuticles closed.
  • Protects hair from further damage
  • It guards against thermal and environmental damage to your hair.

We hope this article sheds some light on our newest product, and we believe that our product would aid you in achieving frizz-free, smooth-looking hair post-hair coloring! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and add Color Buddy to your cart to start dyeing your hair without fearing hair damage!




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