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Damaged hair

Is Your Hair Colored And Damaged? We Gotchu!

If we had the mighty Infinity Stones, we might not undo Thanos' snap like the Avengers did. Instead, we'd reverse every hair coloring decision ever made, to save others from the woes of dry, lifeless and damaged hair. But, since we don't have access to such mythical powers (yes, we know it's all fictional), we'll settle for the next best thing: invaluable tips and tricks to help all the vibrant-haired souls out there repair the damage and restore their hair to its former glory. So, here we go:

First things first…

What Are The Damaging Effects Of Hair Coloring?

Whether you're a seasoned color chameleon or just dipping your toes into the dye pool, it's essential to understand the not-so-hidden hazards that come with hair coloring.

1. Chemical Damage


A cocktail of chemicals like ammonia, peroxide, and bleach is involved in the hair coloring process. These chemicals strip your strands of essential oils, leaving them dry and brittle. The result? Frizz that makes your hair challenging to manage and style.

2. Hello, Breakage!

Hair Breakage

Over time, excessive hair coloring can weaken the structure of your hair, leading to unwanted breakage.

3. Stubborn Split Ends

Split Ends

Split ends are like uninvited guests who never leave the party. Frequent hair coloring can worsen this dilemma, leaving you with a head full of frizz and split ends.

4. Color Fading Fiasco

Hair Color Fading

Ever witnessed that vibrant hair color you fell in love with fade away faster than you can say "hair salon"? Frequent coloring can cause colors to fade rapidly, leaving you with dull, lacklustre locks.

5. Scalp Sensitivity

Scalp Sensitivity

Some hair colors contain harsh chemicals that can irritate your scalp. Itchy, red, and inflamed—that's not the kind of crown you want to flaunt!

Now the burning question…

How To Save Your Color Damaged Hair?

1. Damage Repair Hair Colors For The Rescue


Using Colorisma semi-permanent hair color is one of the greatest strategies to avoid color damage. Semi-permanent hair colors, as opposed to permanent hair colors, sit on the hair's outer layer. This implies they won't do as much damage or affect your natural hair structure. Colorisma semi-permanent hair color range offers eight stunning shades that are enriched with Hyaplex technology. This means you can experiment with different colors without worrying about excessive damage to your hair. Plus, these colors last for 8 to 10 washes, giving you the flexibility to change your look whenever you like.

2. Color Buddy is your best bud 


Color Buddy is India's first-ever hair dye damage reversal treatment. This all-in-one remedy combats damage from hair dyeing, repairs your hair from within, and shields it from further harm. Powered with Hyaplex, the product contains a concentration, The Mix, that repairs damage by working at a molecular level, rebuilding the broken bonds caused by coloring, and a leave-in serum, The Fix, that protects hair from future damage and ensures it remains healthy and radiant. The mix should be added to your chosen hair color, whether it's natural, permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary. Apply the mixture, follow the recommended wait time, and rinse it off with a mild shampoo. After washing your hair, apply the Fix to damp hair and leave it on for 3 minutes. Follow up with a gentle blow-dry, and voila!

3. Damage Reverse Hair Healing Shampoo


To repair color-damaged hair, incorporating a hair-healing shampoo into your haircare routine is essential. ThriveCo's Hair Healing Shampoo is powered with third-generation Hair Bonding Tech HYAPLEX, designed to restore and rejuvenate hair that has undergone chemical treatments. This high-performing shampoo helps repair damaged hair by sealing the cuticle to prevent moisture loss and reduce roughness. It also tackles frizz and breakage, leaving your hair looking and feeling healthier.

So there you have it—the solutions for your damaged, colored hair. Go ahead, get these products now, and flaunt your healthy, colored locks.




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