Cotton Candy Hair Color Ideas

Just Take A Look At These Cotton Candy Hair Color Ideas!

The cotton candy hair color look will get you booked for hotness and finesse! Quite a sweet choice to go for when considering hair colors, these looks are for sure gonna turn people’s eyes at the fair. This style is quite fashionable these days and when considering how shiny, charismatic, and attractive they are, this is a style that highlights hair as the sweet and loveable personality you are! Be it hair color for women or hair color for men, you can just don these colors anytime and sweeten the deal for yourself and others! However, many people aren’t sweet tooths and probably don’t have much experience with hair colors and all! This little article that you have stumbled upon will help you fulfill all your hairstyle needs! From the correct semi-permanent hair colors to multiple hair color ideas, we’ll cover it all! So stuff your toffees and candies in your pockets and bring your hair colors out, it’s time to hit the streets with a pose, a strut, and a lovely little pout! Achieve your desired hair colors with Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Colors.

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Just take a look at these cotton candy hair color ideas!

Normally kids tug their parents on the shirts when they want to buy cotton candy at the funfair. Well, the world is a huge funfair and what is the best way to have fun? Expressing yourself in all manners of creativity… One such way would be to color your hair in these cotton candy hair colors. Think of us as the kid as we guide you through a huge range of candies that you can select for yourself!

1. Apple Flavor

Apple Flavor

Source : Pinterest

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! But this apple candy flavor is sure to get even the doctor or nurse wanting to not give you a treatment and only stare at you in awe as they wonder how such good looks can possibly be attained by mere humans! This apple-flavored candy look thanks to the red hair color it has, is rich, and ravishing and upgrades your status to the highest honor achievable: Redhead! Red hair color for the win!!

2. Blueberry flavor

Blueberry flavor

Source : Pinterest

Be it ice cream or cotton candy, blueberry has been a personal favorite of many people for many years due to its unique taste which just feels right the moment you have it! The same can be said about the blueberry/purple hair color which is so unique and loveable that you can’t just take your mind off it! If you are tired of having the same hair color for a long time, this is the one to go for the next time you order our semi-permanent hair colors!


3. Cotton Candy with sprinkles!

Cotton Candy with sprinkles!

Source : Pinterest

Topping your favorite food with different toppings is very fun! It works on pizzas, maggis etc. and the same could be said about topping off your hair with sprinkles here and there using various clips etc. Just get a few from the market or search your drawer and look at the photo we gave you for inspiration and reference. If you want you can recreate it the exact same way, or use it as an inspiration for something even better. Hair colors are just exhilarating aren’t they?!

4. Mint cotton candy flavor

Mint cotton candy flavor

Source : Pinterest

A refreshing candy to refresh your mouth and a refreshing color to refresh your look. The color of peace and freshness at the same time, the blue colored candy look will freshen everyone’s day with a wave of cool air and aura that surrounds you wherever you go! Just make sure you don’t catch a cold :P

5. Rainbow cotton candy

Rainbow cotton candy

Source : Pinterest

The VIBGYOR candy look! Children love little rainbow colored treats, adults love rainbows when they form in the skies after a rain, our lovely LGBTQ+ community has the rainbow as its flag and so on… So, why not just go for the rainbow color look! A visual treat for all, use the seven hair colors to get a ten on ten for your hairstyle!

For the adults reading this, it must be quite nostalgic thinking about the times you went to fairs and carnivals insisting on having cotton candy? And then seeing your little ones do the same is just as precious as those memories? Try and reinvigorate that feeling by going for these cotton candy hair color ideas! Be it hair color for women or hair color for men this is something that is sure to make your day a little better and give you a new and lovely look!




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