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Gorgeous Hair Color Looks

Presenting Some Seriously Gorgeous Hair Color Looks!

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Summers are long gone and we're stepping into cold winters. Switching those cute summer sandals, linen dresses, shirts, and jean shorts for business casual and professional attire can be a little disheartening, but there is always a silver lining to everything! And we have just the thing that you need to chase those cold work-hour blues! We present to you some seriously gorgeous hair color looks that you can rock in your winter days. As the year is coming to an end, drop a hint to your friends and colleagues that a new era of you is just about to begin. 

We have a lineup of warm and muted hair colors for women because hair coloring is never gendered! This lineup might just be the new look you need to chase away those 9-to-5 blues with a hint of highlights!

5 Seriously Gorgeous Hair Color Looks!

1. Barbie’s world

Pink Hair Color

Source : Pinterest

Tap into your inner Barbie this winter season by embracing the Barbie core that is taking the internet by storm by rocking this luscious pink hair color! To achieve this hot pink hair color look, try Colorisma’s LA Pink!

Buy Colorisma L.A Pink Semi-Permanent Hair Colors


2. The 90’s Baddie

Orange Hair Color

Source : Pinterest

Have you been wanting to bring out your inner rock star? Worry not, because this vibrant orange and black roots hairstyle might just be the one that does the trick for you! A hair color that embraces the melancholy of a rockstar but yet maintains the badass in you! To get this look, add Colorisma’s Semi-permanent hair color in the shade Valencian Orange to your cart right away!

Buy Colorisma Valencian Orange Semi-Permanent Hair Color


3. Green Revolution

Green Hair Color

Source : Pinterest

If you have gotten a wolf cut or a shaggy layer of hair cut, then your hair is begging for it to be colored in this mystical green to embrace the grunge fringe skirt and black boots-wearing girl! And if you have naturally brown hair, you can elevate this look by leaving a few strands uncolored to add an earthy touch. To achieve this hair color, get yourself Colorisma’s Havana Teal and apply it directly to your pre-bleached hair, or mix it with desired levels of hair conditioner if you like a lighter green hair color.

Buy Colorisma Havana Teal Semi-Permanent Hair Color


4. Still Not Over The Summer

yellow Hair Color

Source : Pinterest

Who cares if summer is over? Show that you still have the warm fuzzy feeling of summer bubbling inside you with these yellow money piece highlights paired with bleach blonde hair or brown hair color to achieve this look. If this vibrant sunflower energy look is what you have been craving, then try Colorisma’s Cairo Yellow!

Buy Colorisma Cairo Yellow Semi-Permanent Hair Color


5. Purple Fever

Purple Hair Color

Source : Pinterest

Do not consider yourself a rebel but rather an embracer of the seasons and the phases of life. We have the perfect hair color look! Welcome the melancholy of the monsoon with open arms with this equally pensive purple hair color that is sure to make some heads turn. To shop this look, add Colorisma’s Tokyo purple to your cart.

Buy Colorisma Tokyo Purple Semi-Permanent Hair Color


We hope our recommendations for your next hair coloring venture were delightful! And do not forget to add Colorisma’s brilliant semi-permanent hair colors to your cart to rock the new you this fun season!




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