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Semi Permanent Hair Color

Saving Hacks When Your Semi-Permanent Color Goes Wrong!

Breakups may hurt, but there's another heartache in town that can leave you feeling blue - Semi-Permanent Hair Color gone wrong! We've all been there, excited to try a vibrant new color, only to end up with a disastrous result. Worry not, this blog is your ultimate guide to healing your hair and heart after a semi-permanent color mishap. We'll delve into the common hair color gone wrong situations and share some hacks to fix and turn it into a fabulous hair transformation!

Understanding why your semi-permanent hair color went wrong is the first step to finding a solution. Factors like your hair's natural color, porosity, and previous treatments can impact the color outcome. Additionally, not following instructions properly or using low-quality products might contribute to the mishap. If you can't wait for the color to fade naturally there are few tricks for you to turn your hair mishap into a masterpiece.

Before getting into the deets of tricks for you to try, we should remind you to go for hair colors that doesn't damage your hair from the very beginning. Colorisma semi-permanent hair colors are the perfect choice for your hair color adventures. These ammonia-free hair colors last for up to 8-10 washes and use 3rd generation hair bonding technology, Hyaplex, that repairs hair as you color.

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Saving hacks When Semi- Permanent Hair Color Goes Wrong!

1. The Color Is Too Dark

If your semi-permanent color turns out darker than expected, wash it! A good wash with clarifying shampoo can help fade the color and give you a more muted look. You might need to repeat this process a few times, but it's a gentle way to reverse the color without causing much damage.

Clarifying shampoo

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2. Fixing Uneven Color

If your semi-permanent hair color turns out uneven, it's time for some quick fixes. Apply the color again, but this time section your hair and apply the product evenly to each part. Gradually blend a darker or lighter shade into the color, creating a seamless transition. Not only does this fix the color issue, but it also adds a touch of sophistication to your overall style.

Fixing Uneven tone

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3. The Color is Too Bright

If your hair color is vibrant, mix a tablespoon of baking soda with your regular shampoo and gently massage the mixture into your hair. Baking soda acts as a natural color remover, toning down the brightness.

Color is Too Bright

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4. Dealing with Unwanted Tones

The semi-permanent hair color can leave you with unwanted undertones, like greenish hues. To neutralize warm tones, opt for purple shampoos or toning products. For greenish tints, use a red or copper-based color-depositing conditioner.

Unwanted Tones

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5. Color Removers

These are a lifesaver for fixing semi-permanent hair color mishaps. They gently strip away the unwanted color molecules without causing severe damage to your hair. Remember to follow the instructions carefully and consider doing a strand test before full application.

Color Removers

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6. Color Appears Dull and lifeless

Revive your hair color with a homemade hair mask! Mix equal parts of honey and yogurt and apply it to your hair. Leave it for about 30 minutes before rinsing. This nourishing mask will add shine and vibrancy to your color.

Color Removers

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Semi-permanent hair colors are all about fun and experimentation, but sometimes things don't go as planned. With these easy hacks, you can tackle semi-permanent color gone wrong and transform your hair back to a fabulous state. Remember, even the wildest mishaps can be tamed with a little know-how and a whole lot of creativity! Happy coloring!




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