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Pink & Purple Hair Color

Some Pink And Purple Hair Color Ideas For Ya!

It’s time to circle to pink and purple! When we think about hair color for women, hair color for men and all, we usually see people using traditional colors such as black or brown hair color. It’s time to funk it up a little, yeah? Introducing a very unorthodox but extremely cool new hair color idea… pink hair color and purple hair color combo! A major love combo, we think that some people can really hit it off with this style to exhibit personalities that range from quirky and fun loving to soft and shy but at the same time killing it with your drop dead beauty. But hey, some people tend to struggle with their identity and how they want to showcase it. So if you want to use the pink and purple hair color to show the real you, you’ve come to the right place! You can grab India's first no damage hair colors from Colorisma's Semi Permanent Hair Colors with hair bond tech Hyaplex. Yes, we’ll be discussing ten amazing ways you can pull off purple and pink hair color.

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Some Pink and Purple hair color ideas for ya!

A. Pink

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1. Brown hair with pink highlights 7

Brown hair with pink highlights 7

Source : Pinterest

Somehow if you keep your natural color tones, in this case i.e. brown hair color, they work just as well with pink color! Go for pink highlights along with brown hair and they’ll look fantabulous!! Try it, it's worth the shot.

2. Red pink hair 9

Red pink hair

Source : Pinterest

Nothing screams bold better than the red pink hair combination. Definitely a hit if you have that fiery sexy look going on about you. So, set the stage and everyone’s heart ablaze and show your energy that makes you a rare and a delicious sight to see!

3. Pastel Pink 12

Pastel Pink

Source : Pinterest

Be the cotton candy that everyone wants. This look is really famous (looking at our anime fans here) and is a classic if you are going for a color that exhibits somewhat of a soft yet cool personality. Are you one of them? Well, then this hair color will definitely get you the vibe check!

4. Juicy Cherry 20

Juicy Cherry

Source : Pinterest

As children, many of us were fond of that cherry on top of the cakes we got for our birthday parties. And some weren’t. It seems like this is an opportunity for us to show how loveable and delicious cherries are to the people who didn't like cherries. What are you waiting for? Go for the Merry Cherry look today!

B. Purple

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1. Deep Lilac

Deep Lilac

Source : Pinterest

“Ooh the mystery… everybody wants to know my history”
That’s right this charming and hella mysterious look is something you can pull off for everyone to look and gawk at. So spare the sympathy, and go show people the stuff you are really made of!

2. Blonde Purple Ombre

Blonde Purple Ombre

Source : Pinterest

The nombre for ombre is nothing but a straight ten! The drop dead gorgeous blonde purple ombre is out to get you a ten from the judges and love from the audiences everywhere. This look will give you a sleek and sophisticated vibe check from the people around? We know it isn’t very common so if you want, try it with a semi-permanent hair color first and then let us know whether you like it or not!

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3. Bright Purple Highlights

Bright Purple Highlights

Source : Pinterest

This style got a highlights hair color type of a thing going on for it! The bright purple highlights will help you show your ambivert personality with the hairstyle signifying that though you are an introvert from the outside, from the inside you are a warm and loveable being!

4. Lavender Purple

Lavender Purple

Source : Pinterest

A far more gothic and edgy hair color, this hairstyle will show a dark side of you like no one ever before. Pairing it with tattoos is also not a problem because it looks really fantastic. Unleash the power of the goth force with this new hair color style.

C. The Combos

1. The Unicorno Fiesto

The Unicorno Fiesto

Source : Pinterest

Now we know, the unicorns leave a rainbow like trail behind when they move. But this look is just as magical as that feeling. Be a magical sight for everyone to see with this look because wherever you move, a magnificent purple and pink trail will also follow!

2. The Galactic Combo

The Galactic Combo

Source : Pinterest

“I can show you the world, shining, shimmering and splendid” just went on and took a new form i.e. this astral look. With this look no one can underestimate you-o. Pink and purple is your heart, your soul will cut like the sword and forever radiant energy is your aesthetic!

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As we reach the end of this blog, we want you to make a pinky purple swear. That is, to ensure you properly apply everything and not overdo it. You can always go for a semi-permanent hair color if there’s some self-doubt but what is self-doubt after all? Nothing but an opportunity to be greater! This blog covered some amazing pink purple hair color ideas and we hope you enjoyed reading it. It’s time to say ciao!




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