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Refresh Your Semi-Permanent Hair Color

This Is How You Refresh Your Semi-Permanent Hair Color!

Trying a new hair color is always fun, a great way to instantly elevate your spirits, and a great confidence booster, and it is easier to achieve results if they are semi-permanent hair colors. Semi-permanent hair colors are an instant way to level up your hair color game, and if you have been searching for some vibrant hair colors to revamp your look, then you need to try Anveya Colorisma Semi-permanent hair colors! Infused with Hyaplex, a 3rd Gen hair bonding technology, all the 8 vibrant shades are damage proof, free from harmful chemicals and last about 8–10 washes. As fun as Semi-permanent hair colors can be, they also become dull with each wash. If you have been encountering this problem, we’re all in the same boat, mate! Scroll on to learn how to refresh your semi-permanent hair color.

Semi-permanent Hair Color

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Why refresh your hair color?

Semi-permanent hair colors usually last only 8–10 washes, and this process accelerates given your hair texture and natural hair color. If your hair is porous, it is more than likely that your hair dye will fade faster. Similarly, some hair pigments, like red and purple hair colors have the potential of bleeding out faster. Pink shades can leave an orange hue behind on bleached hair. For these reasons, you must refresh your hair color to make it last longer and maintain a healthier and shinier look.

How do you refresh your hair color?

1. Use a Glossing treatment

Glossing treatment

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A glossing treatment is a semi-permanent hair treatment that not only adds shine to your hair but also locks in your hair color, thus refreshing it. You can either avail yourself of this treatment at a spa or purchase an at-home hair glossing kit to achieve the same results.

2. An advanced shower routine

advanced shower routine

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Hair coloring and hair washing are enemies, and the more time your highlighted hair spends underwater, the more likely the cuticles will give away to the moisture and let your hair color bleed away in the drain. It is important to switch up your shower routine by ensuring that you use shampoo, conditioner, and any other hair products that are color-safe.

3. Try Temporary root touch-ups

Temporary root touch-ups

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If you see your natural roots creeping up on you after your recent hair coloring session, you should invest in a root cover-up spray or color-infused shampoos that you can use in your shower to refresh your semi-permanent hair color.

The maintenance of hair post-hair coloring stops many from dyeing their hair, but it is always possible to make the switch with hair glossing, root touch-ups, and shower routines to refresh your dyed hair. Come, embark on your hair coloring journey starting today with Anveya Colorisma’s semi-permanent hair colors without a worry!




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