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What happens if you leave bleach in your hair for a longer time?

Bleaching, the necessary evil that comes along with having to color your hair. Well, now that you have entered the world of hair colors, as fun as we are gonna make it for you to color your hair, it doesn't matter if it’s hair color for women or hair color for men, you have to make sure that your hair doesn’t get damaged in the process. We are gonna teach you the ways of bleaching your mane leaving less room for damage. 

Since bleaching is something that has widely been known to wreak havoc if used incorrectly or overused, we are here to help you. So don’t you dare touch that dial because we at Anveya 83.79 FM today will help our lovely readers know about how to correctly use bleach. You’re almost on the way to become one of the sexy red heads but don’t panic. There are a few more tips we’d like to go through before you’re completely engulfed in the blissful embrace of different hair colors such as a purple hair color or blue hair color. Soon you’ll be healed, refreshed and renewed, free from the trauma some people have regarding bleaching. It’s so fun, here’s a few minutes of reading on how to bleach hair.

How To Bleach Hair?


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Before we begin bleaching our hair, we need to make sure that all our material is in place. Get the bleach (most important for obvious reasons so make sure its from a good brand), the mixing bowl and brush, the developer, the sectioning clips for your hair and also gloves. You can add ThriveCo Color Buddy to your list. The mix can be used with bleach during application for damage reversal, and the fix - leave in serum can be used for smoother, frizz free hair after the process. Put on some music that suits you as well because what is hair coloring after all, just a bunch load of fun. After that you need to test those strands i.e your hair. Choose any small section of your hair and perform the strand test as instructed on the packaging of the bleach. Don’t wash your hair immediately before bleaching. The natural oils of your scalp act as somewhat of a barrier and reduce the damage of bleach. Also, shield your skin by putting some moisturizer. “Highlights hair color” is the mission… not the skin with damage via bleach! Now what you need to do is mix the bleach and the developer and everything in the correct volume.

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Make sure you don’t overdo anything. Negligible errors can of course be overlooked but Then you need to divide your hair, apply the bleach, monitor the process, rinse and shine… then shampoo and finally condition and aftercare for your lovely hair.

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What Happens If You Leave Bleach In Your Hair For A Longer Time?

The dark magic of bleach is sure to corrupt your scalp if left on for a long time. The standard time would be around thirty to forty five minutes but not more than that as it can seriously damage your hair. So make sure you stick to the time limit and if not, save up some money for a hair transplant.

This Is How You Put Color On Bleached Hair!

1. Section Your Hair

Section Your Hair

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It is a must do that you section your hair. So that the color you apply on your hair is exactly at the spots you want it to be. You can choose to apply it in the form of highlights, color your hair entirely, create ombres or however you fancy!

2. Use A Brush/Hand

Use A Brush

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A brush is something people use a lot more commonly. Now, the balayage style (the one where we use hands to color) is something that is French based, but us Indians are also known to use hands and make something extremely beautiful out of it! So go and rock the balayage, if at all that's your choice. 

3. Rinse And Dry!

Blow Dry Colored Hair

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Now that the color is on your hair, leave it be for a few minutes and chill. You can watch your show, ponder about life but make sure not to rest your head somewhere because the marks that’ll be left behind on the surface will leave a colorful look, but your family’s reaction will be colorful as well, so watch out… After that rinse off your hair and dry it out to have a happy and new you!

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So in this blog, we have gone over how bleaching can harm your hair if not done properly. A time duration of 30-45 minutes is advised when leaving your bleach on otherwise you can potentially damage your hair as well which we don’t want to happen.




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