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Cities & Colors

What If Every City Was Associated With A Color?

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We are given the ability to see and relish in all the beauty this colorful world offers us on a platter. Life and the world, as we see, are splattered with colors, from the small rainbows that occur when watering a luscious green garden, the crimson red of the chilli mamma uses while she cooks, the orange of the early morning sun that creeps through half-closed curtains, to the faded yet beautiful highlighted hair of the girl seated before you on a BMTC. What would life be without colors? Just like there are colors for daily objects, there are colors for the biggest cities in the world! How fun? Now imagine them as hair colors that can adorn your hair! So we here at Anveya created Colorisma, A range of eight vibrant semi-permanent hair colors named after the world's biggest cities, to make your imagination come true!

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Cities and Colors!

1. Tokyo Purple

Tokyo Purple

Purple, the most glamorous color to have ever existed, embodies sophistication and noble status. The color purple, called Murasaki in Japanese, was associated with the ruling class during the Heian period. Although purple is no longer considered a status symbol, it still remains an eccentric color that would surely make heads turn if you were to rock purple manes.

2. Cairo Yellow

Cairo Yellow

This yellow channels its vibrancy directly from the sun with its resemblance to the pulpy mangos of the summer and to the filmy desert tones of the city of Cairo, which look like they have been dusted with gold by the angels of God. If this sounds like you, then it is time to embody the golden youthfulness of the city of Cairo with Cairo yellow.

3. Madrid Red

Madrid Red

Our red bleeds passion like the blood shed by the people of Spain, for they were passionate about their country, and if you are a fervid lover with a pungent taste for cheekiness, for adventure, and for cheekiness, then Madrid red is your way to steal hearts.

4. LA Pink

LA pink is the hottest pink with the nerve of a red, a neon pink, an unreal pink, and the hottest color of Hollywood, befitting for its name, which channels peace and calmness just like the laid-back city; LA of the glitz and glam. Because, as Aerosmith sings, "You could be my flamingo. 'Cause pink is the new kind of lingo.”

5. Moroccan Blue

Moroccan Blue

Blue, the color of wisdom and reason, evocative of the blue city of Chefchaouen, Morocco, symbolised the heavenly kingdom of God and the skies for the Jews who moved into Morocco during WW2. The Deep blue is electric and has a resemblance to the deep blue of mystery and madness. The Moroccan Blue is the perfect fit to exude damsel in distress to your kingdom of mystery.

6. Havana Teal

Havana Teal

Teal, the shade that lingers between the likes of green and blue, holds mystical allure for those who appreciate its unique beauty. Teal, like the clear stream of water running over green moss that grows on black rocks, evokes the sleeping beauty of nature. Havana teal is your color if you like to portray an air of dreaminess.

7. Northern Neon

Northern Neon

Like the northern lights or the aurora borealis, that dance in the skies of the northern pole so ethereal that it is almost considered unreal, a jolting green that is out of the ordinary is exactly what you need to stand out!

8. Valencian Orange

Valencian Orange

Valencian orange is like the world-famous pulpy orange that dances on your tongue. A color that’s inviting, like the casual flirt at a local bar, a throbbing color that inspires you to live life in colors.

We hope you liked our take on cities as colors, and if this has inspired you to try hair coloring, we recommend you try Anveya’s Colorisma.




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