REGENDIL™ Vs Anagain®

Anagain® vs. REGENDIL™: Which Is More Effective?

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Hate waking up to a hurricane of hair on your pillowcase? The issue of hair loss is something to be worried about, as it directly affects your confidence. Hair fall has nothing to do with gender and age now. It can happen to anyone, but there are ways to deal with this issue. Let's compare REGENDIL™ and Anagain® to choose the best solution for you.

REGENDIL™ or Anagain®? We understand you all must be confused between the two. So it's better to first learn about their effectiveness in addressing common issues like hair loss. Both of them can solve this issue, but understanding which one is better makes all the difference.



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It is a hair care ingredient extracted from organic pea sprouts. Well known for promoting hair growth and improving hair density. It also helps in reducing hair loss, by maintaining the balance between growth and rest phase. Anyone who is interested in organic plant based solutions can go for Anagain®.



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REGENDIL™ is a unique ingredient developed by ThriveCo, combining Procapil™, Anagain®, Capilia Longa™, and Redensyl® in the right proportion. It does a lot of wonders to your hair, as it has the benefits of all these ingredients, including Anagain®. The benefits are reduced hair loss, enhanced hair growth, and better volume. Research has shown that it fulfils almost all the needs of your hair, from reducing hair fall to improving scalp health, and even makes your hair thicker.

See Clinical Trial Results for REGENDIL™ in this peer-reviewed international medical journal.

Anagain® vs. REGENDIL™

Anagain® and REGENDIL™ are both designed to address hair loss and promote hair renewal. But both of them have their own ways of loving your hair. Anagain® is from an organic pea sprout. It focuses on hair growth and prevents hair loss. Apart from these qualities, it has some limitations, like there is not a lot of research done on its safety and allergic reaction, making people cautious.

REGENDIL™ is a proprietary active ingredient formulated by ThriveCo, in which they have combined Anagain® with Procapil™, Capilia Longa™, and Redensyl®, to not only address hair loss but also to improve overall health of the hair. Every ingredient present in this combination provides its own benefits like increasing thickness, improving density, maintaining scalp health, and fighting frizziness. Users have reported 100% satisfaction with REGENDIL™ due to its safety and effectiveness as there were no allergic reactions or irritation.

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before and after using thriveco hair serum 2.0

Ask yourself a question, why would you want to choose a product made up of a single ingredient that focuses only on a specific issue, when you can purchase the one that has a combination of ingredients, each providing a solution to various hair concerns. REGENDIL™ can solve many issues by providing benefits like increase in volume, maintaining scalp health, and improving hair density, etc. If you choose REGENDIL™, you will be able to address all your hair issues.

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Some Advantages of REGENDIL™

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Source : Freepik

Let us give you some knowledge about why REGENDIL™ is considered the preferred choice in the world of hair care by highlighting some advantages:

  1. REGENDIL™ is a mixture of Procapil™, Anagain®, Capilia Longa™, and Redensyl®. It helps solve all hair issues, making it a whole package of benefits.
  2. The benefits of REGENDIL™ are not only limited to hair loss; but it also makes your hair healthy, adds volume, makes it thicker, and reduces frizz. What a great solution for hair issues, right?
  3. It is considered unique, as it is the trademark ingredient of ThriveCo, meaning no other product outside of ThriveCo has this ingredient. This uniqueness increases its appeal.
  4. The research has shown that the people who used REGENDIL™ were 100% satisfied with the result, proving its effectiveness
  5. After the use of REGENDIL™, nobody reported any allergic reaction or irritation. Meaning it is the safest option for people, making it a trustworthy choice.
  6. REGENDIL™ helps in treating hair loss. In the clinical trial registered at CTRI it was stated that there was a reduction in hair fall, with a 24% or 42% decrease at weeks 4 and 8 after using ThriveCo's Hair Serum 2.0 that contains REGENDIL™.
    Hair fall reduction rate after using ThriveCo Hair Serum 2.0 infused with REGENDIL™
  7. REGENDIL™  helps in promoting hair growth. It was concluded that upon the usage of product ThriveCo Hair Serum 2.0 that contains Regendil, the hair growth improves by up to 1.5 times after 8 weeks of usage.
    Hair growth rate after using ThriveCo Hair Serum 2.0 infused with REGENDIL™

The great solution for all hair concerns is REGENDIL™, as it has proven its effectiveness, while Anagain® focuses on only one issue. Consider your needs, and then make a choice.

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