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How Does Rosemary Oil Boost Hair Health And Growth?

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All of us know friends who advise us to replace sugar with jaggery and skincare products with haldi, Rosewater, Multhani Mitti, etc. Why? Because they’re ‘natural’. In other words, effective without any side effects. Are you also a hoarder of all things natural? Then, you must know about Rosemary Essential Oil, a viral essential oil, doing its rounds in the haircare market at the moment.

Who doesn’t want luscious, healthy hair? Hair is an indicator of our overall health too. As with anything else we want in life, maintaining the mane demands your time and energy. Looking after your hair health is mostly about shielding your hair from scalp issues, dandruff, hair loss, hair breakage and various other problems that are waiting to pounce on your hair anytime. All of us can collectively agree that nothing can compete with the confidence that a good hair day gives! Now, does it really take an army to safeguard your hair health? Not really!

Rosemary essential oil, extracted from the rosemary plant, is widely popular for its healing properties. The evergreen herb with needle-like leaves carries a woody scent. Similar to any other essential oil, it is highly concentrated in nature. Little do we know that the benefits Rosemary oil offers to your hair is not to be taken lightly!

How Does Rosemary Oil Promote Hair Health And Growth? Let’s Get Scientific!

As established, Rosemary oil is truly a blessing to haircare. Here’re a few benefits it offers to your overall hair health and how!

1. It Helps You Grow Healthy, Voluminous Hair!

Voluminous hair

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By speeding up cell turnover in your scalp, Rosemary oil proves to be a natural remedy to grow thicker hair. It works amazingly well to create healthy hair follicles as well benefitting hair growth and improving hair texture.

2. It Helps You Reduce Hair Fall, A Villain We All Encounter!

Hair Fall

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When your hair follicles are not supplied with sufficient blood, they eventually die and fall off. Rosemary Oil is capable of improving blood circulation around the hair follicles, which helps in bringing the hair fall down. Its anti-inflammatory property also adds to reducing hair fall issues.

3. Protects Your Hair From Environmental Aggressors And Scalp Issues Too!

Scalp Issues

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What even! Because Rosemary Oil is a potent antioxidant, it can protect your hair from sun damage and other environmental aggressors. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties act on eliminating scalp build-up along with soothing the itchiness of your scalp. Studies suggest that when it comes to treating an itchy scalp, Rosemary Oil can easily beat even Minoxidil.

4. It Prevents Premature Hair Greying As Well!

Grey Hair

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With hair darkening properties, Rosemary Oil helps in reversing grey hair strands. It also forms an active shield against various oxidative agents reducing the chances of developing grey hair.

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Different Phases Of The Hair Growth Cycle And Rosemary Oil’s Influence!

Hair Growth

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Hair grows from the hair follicles which exist underneath our skin. Each hair of yours goes through 4 different stages of growth namely, Anagen, Catagen, Telogen and Exogen. Let’s get into the basic details of these 4 phases!

  1. Anagen or the growth phase is the longest phase of your hair that lasts for about 3 to 5 years for the hairs. It is said that 90% of our hair would be in the growth phase at any given time. This is the phase when the hair follicles push out the hair to grow. The hair continues to grow until we cut them or until it runs out of the lifespan to fall out gradually. A lot of factors influence the growth rate of your hair during this chapter, which is where our Rosemary Oil makes an entrance. Capable of regenerating hair follicles faster through improved blood circulation, Rosemary Oil contributes to boosting hair growth during this phase.
  2. Catagen or commonly termed as the transition phase begins once the Anagen phase ends to last approximately for about 10 days. At any given point, just 5% of your hair strands would be in the Catagen phase. The hair follicles shrink and hair growth arrives at a slower pace during this hair growth phase. This is when the hair separates from the bottom of your hair follicles as well.
  3. Telogen phase is when your hair strands officially enter the resting phase which lasts for about 3 months. Hair neither grows out, nor falls out in this phase. And 10 to 15 percent of your hair strands are always in this particular phase. However, new hair does begin to form in the hair follicles that lost hair in the catagen phase.
  4. Exogen is the shedding phase where normal hair fall occurs which is about 50 to 100 hairs per day. The hair you find on your pillow, floor and comb are mostly hair strands completing the normal hair cycle and unalarming. It lasts for about 2 to 5 months for individuals. This stage is in fact an extension of the telogen phase. However, environmental aggressors, stress and other factors result in aggressive shedding of hair which can be brought down by Rosemary Oil. Research suggests that it blocks the damaging hormones present in the scalp and effectively curbs hair loss related to male or female pattern baldness.

Rosemary Essential Oil helps your hair remain healthy and resilient throughout every stage in the hair growth cycle. A 2015 study used Rosemary Oil and 2% Minoxidil to treat Androgenetic Alopecia. The results of both the treatments after six months were discovered to be astonishingly similar. Another study revealed that Rosemary Oil is also effective on Alopecia Areata, an autoimmune disorder that results in patchy hair loss.

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What Are The Essential Nutrients Found In Rosemary Oil That Nourish Hair?

Rosemary Oil For Hair

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  • Packed in Antioxidants : Rosemary Oil contains a wide range of antioxidants such as carnosic acid4, rosmarinic acid, ursolic acid, caffeic acid, oleanolic acid, micromeric acid6, and betulinic acid7. Equipped with potent anti-inflammatory properties, these antioxidants help you maintain a healthier scalp.
  • Contains compounds that act as DHT blockers : Rosemary Oil can be a pure herbal alternative to DHT blockers. It contains compounds such as, carnosic acid2, rosmarinic acid12, and ursolic acid13, which prevents 5a-reductase, an enzyme that results in the conversion of testosterone to DHT. And we all know DHT increases hair loss in a concerning rate.
  • Carries components that makes hair more resilient : Rosemary Oil contains oily substances such as phospholipids and glycolipids15, along with fatty acids including oleic acid and palmitic acid16. These ensure that your hair remains healthy, preventing breakage and adding more strength.

Tips On Using Rosemary Oil Effectively To Boost Hair Health

Rosemary oil for hair growth

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The best way of using Rosemary Oil is by directly applying a few drops to the scalp. In this manner, you’ll be able to reap maximum benefits from the oil. It can be used in combination with other products as well if you’re concerned that direct contact might cause irritation to your scalp. These are the three other ways of utilizing the benefits of Rosemary Oil.

  1. Mix a few drops of Rosemary Oil with a teaspoon of other carrier oils such as Jojoba or Coconut Oil. Massage the mixture into your hair and leave it for 20 mins before washing.
  2. You can also mix Rosemary Oil with your regular shampoo, if you can’t find the time to massage it prior to shampooing.
  3. Another way of using Rosemary Oil is by mixing it with your haircare products which are used right after you take a shower.

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Yes, Rosemary Oil has immense benefits to hair growth and overall health. However, it is to be kept in mind that anything natural takes its time to offer results. You have to be realistic about the results you expect. If your expectations are extreme transformation in just a few days, it is not the haircare product for you. You can include ThriveCo Hair Vitalizing Rosemary Shampoo in your routine for hair fall control.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Does Rosemary Oil Help Hair Growth?

Rosemary oil contains antioxidants that improve blood circulation, which results in improved hair growth. It speeds up the process of cell turnover in your scalp and also helps in the creation of healthier hair follicles that improves hair texture.

2. Does Rosemary Oil Make Your Hair Healthier?

Yes. It contains natural oily compounds that nourish your scalp, reduces breakage and makes hair healthier. Rosemary Oil also forms a shield on your hair strands protecting it from sun damage and other environmental aggressors.

3. How Fast Does Rosemary Oil Grow Hair?

To be honest, hair growth takes time with Rosemary Oil. It is a natural ingredient that takes time to work on your scalp and hair to lend the results, unlike other haircare products in the market. When you sign up to use Rosemary Oil, make sure you sign up to be patient during the process.

4. Can I Use Rosemary Oil Daily For Hair Growth?

We’d suggest you use Rosemary Oil once or twice a week and gradually increase the frequency. For beginners, it’s better to use it in combination with other carrier oils instead of direct application.


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