Introducing REGENDIL™: The Birth of a Breakthrough Ingredient

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Aren’t you tired of battling uncontrollable hair loss, hair growth, and hair thinning problems? In a haircare market flooded with products that fail to deliver reliable results despite promising the world is disappointing, to say the least. For the longest time, the haircare industry has not presented us with effective solutions to extremely common hair growth and hair loss concerns. The breakthrough occurred when ThriveCo introduced Hair Serum 2.0, a world-class product that completely transformed the way people in general approached hair growth issues. Powered with an ingredient Redensyl®, the anti-hair loss formula promised permanent improvement in 30 days.

Advancing one step further, ThriveCo introduces REGENDIL™, an amalgamation of 4 finest hair growth ingredients. Trademarked by ThriveCo, REGENDIL™ is capable of addressing not just hair loss, but also hair growth issues while improving volume and tackling scalp issues. Find out more about this ingredient that is creating noise in the haircare market for all the right reasons.

What is REGENDIL™?

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REGENDIL™, crafted by ThriveCo, stands as a beacon of innovation in the haircare industry. It is a meticulously formulated active of four potent ingredients - Redensyl®, Anagain®, Procapil™, and Capilia Longa™ – strategically combined in optimal proportions to redefine the efficiency of hair care solutions.

This next-generation ingredient is not just a product. It remarks a paradigm shift in the way we perceive and treat hair growth, hair fall, and hair volume concerns. The synergy of these four powerful components in REGENDIL™ sets a new standard for effective and reliable haircare.

See Clinical Trial Results for REGENDIL™ in this peer-reviewed international medical journal.

What Are The Benefits Of REGENDIL™?

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REGENDIL™, a powerhouse of haircare, brings together the benefits of its constituent ingredients:

  • It stimulates hair growth at the root and helps in maintaining a robust, healthy hair cycle.
  • It strengthens the hair follicles, preventing premature aging and reducing hair loss.
  • Improves scalp health and contributes to the overall well-being of the hair, building a better environment that supports hair growth.
  • Carrying regenerative properties, it targets the hair follicles, promoting new hair growth and increasing hair density.

REGENDIL™ is a comprehensive solution for people who seek results that remain throughout their hair care journey.

ThriveCo Hair Serum 2.0 with REGENDIL™


Enter ThriveCo Hair Serum 2.0, a game-changer in the realm of haircare. With REGENDIL™ as its powerhouse, this serum is designed to offer unparalleled results, showcasing the enhanced efficiency of the product.

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In a clinical study registered at CTRI (Clinical Trial Registry of India), it was observed that with the usage of Hair Serum 2.0 for a period of 8 weeks, there was a significant difference observed in hair growth rate, hair thickness, & hair density. The study established that regular usage of Hair Serum 2.0 improves hair growth by up to 1.5 times after the 8th week.

Hair growth rate after using ThriveCo Hair Serum 2.0 infused with REGENDIL™

Hair density improved by 40 percent over the observed period of 8 weeks. 55 percent of the subjects in the study showed a vast improvement in their scalp conditions as well. Hair fall reduction by 42 percent just after 8 weeks was a miracle in itself. The product outperformed the expectations.

Hair fall reduction rate after using ThriveCo Hair Serum 2.0 infused with REGENDIL™

In a market flooded with generic serums, choosing the right one tailored to your hair type is an underrated task. ThriveCo Hair Serum 2.0 emerges as the choice for individuals seeking the benefits of the finest ingredients in the hair growth industry.

But what sets Hair Serum 2.0 apart is not just REGENDIL™. It also incorporates the smallest 5kDa molecule of Hyaluronic Acid, maximizing the impact of the advanced hair growth ingredients. The precise delivery ensured by the small size of the Hyaluronic Acid molecule sets this serum apart from others in the market. It penetrates deep into the scalp, ensuring high efficiency and impeccable performance of the growth ingredients, making it the go-to solution for those serious about transforming their hair health.

With REGENDIL™ at the core, ThriveCo Hair Serum 2.0 represents a breakthrough in the science of hair care, offering a comprehensive solution to hair growth, hair fall, and scalp issues.

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