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Olive Oil Squalane For Hair: Benefits, Uses, Side-Effects, And More

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Olive squalane is a rather under-rated wonder of a beauty ingredient, that is known for its nourishing and moisturizing properties. It is emollient and is excellent for parched skin and a must in your skin care procedure. Plus, it can benefit the hair and beard in a variety of ways. The introduction of olive squalane in your hair care and skin care routine will certainly add to your beauty. So, let’s get to know this ingredient better:

What is Squalane?

Often confused with squalene (with an 'e'), Squalane is a plant-derived ingredient. While squalene is a polyunsaturated hydrocarbon that is extracted from shark livers; it is unstable and has a heavy consistency that can clog the pores. Squalane oil on the other hand is extracted from olives, it is much more stable than squalene and has a lighter consistency, making it non-greasy to apply. Squalane is the hydrogenated form of squalene, which is naturally secreted by our sebaceous glands. It is known to smoothen rough skin because its small molecules fill the gaps between the skin cells. It also creates an occlusive barrier that retains the skin’s moisture taking excellent care of your skin at the same time.

Benefits of Squalane Oil for Hair and Skin

  • Calms skin and scalp irritation: This emollient ingredient is known for calming skin irritation. Those with sensitive skin must include squalane oil in their skincare and hair care routine, as it helps heal and soothe inflammation of the skin.
  • It has skin softening properties: Who doesn’t love the look of baby-smooth skin. With time oxidative stress and bad lifestyle choices, make the skin erratic. Squalane oil can help in softening the skin, by supporting the moisture barrier. The use of active ingredients like Retinoids, AHAs, and Vitamin C often compromises the moisture barrier of the skin. Adding squalane to your beauty routine will maintain the sanctity of the skin.
  • An elixir for dry scalp and dandruff: Dandruff mainly is caused by a dry scalp and including squalane oil in their hair care routine keeps the scalp moisturized for long hours without the need for a touch-up.
  • An efficient antioxidant: Amazing to ward off environmental and UV damage from the skin and hair, olive squalane oil neutralizes the free radicals and therefore delays the signs of ageing.
  • Smoothens the locks: Squalane oil helps in quenching dry, dull locks. It heals damaged hair strands, counteracts the side effects of hair treatments and bleaching by providing nourishment to the cuticles.
  • Squalane for beard: A beauty topic seldom spoken about is the benefit of squalane for the beard. Men who have thick, dense, and unruly beard, must include olive squalane oil in their beard upkeep. The anti-fungal and antibacterial properties of squalane prevent bread dandruff. Plus, it forms a protective shield over the beard strands. It adds a boost of moisture to a scruffy rough face fuzz, making it manageable, smooth, and glossy. Olive squalane oil for beard is a must, for those who crave a dapper man-mane. That is why ThriveCo’s Beard Love Light-Oil Serum is enriched with the goodness of olive squalane, moringa oil, and argan oil to condition dry, unruly beards.

ThriveCo’s Beard Love Light-Oil Serum with Olive Squalane

ThriveCo Beard Love Light-Oil Serum is an excellent product for grooming and conditioning the beard. It can be used as the last step of your beard-care routine, to achieve a sophisticated look. Besides that, it improves beard texture and prevents breakage, ensuring a tangle-free smooth mane. Just a few spritzes of this product can breathe new life into every beard strand, making it shiny and smooth. Plus, it doubles up as a beard styling product as well.

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How to Include Squalane in Your Beard Care Routine?

As part of your beard care routine, spray the light-in-oil serum onto the beard and massage thoroughly. This will ensure the roots of the beard to be well moisturized and make it tamable.

Ingredients That Work Well With Squalane

Olive squalane is very gentle on the skin, and the absence of active ingredients makes it an excellent complementary product to combine with other skin and hair-benefiting ingredients.

1. Salicylic Acid

A very popular BHA, Salicylic Acid has the potential of drying up the skin and should ideally be followed by squalane which moisturizes and rebalances the skin, while protecting the skin’s barrier function.

2. Retinol

Regular use of retinol can lead to purging and therefore, squalane for skin can help in combating that. Its hydrating properties, moisturizes the skin, thereby preventing the skin from drying out excessively.

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3. Niacinamide

Niacinamide makes an excellent pairing with squalane. Both these ingredients help in repairing the skin’s barrier and work in conjunction with each other to keep the skin in its best state.

4. Argan oil

Argan oil and olive squalane is a match made in heaven for its hair care benefits. Together, they work to condition dry hair without weighing them down. This concoction can also be applied to the beard for taming disheveled beard hair.

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