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Redensyl- How Does It Help Hair Growth?

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Hair fall has become a very common problem across all genders and people of all age groups. Stress, bad lifestyle, hard water, hormonal changes, ageing, and chemical damage are prime contributors to the loss of hair. While many ingredients promise to help with hair regrowth, most of them do not live up to the expectations. Those who are looking for effective solutions to combat hair fall must look for science-backed ingredients that have been proven to perform when used in the correct dosage. Redensyl for hair growth is an excellent ingredient to maintain hair volume and density.

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What Is Redensyl? What Are The Active Ingredients In It & More!

Redensyl for hair is a plant derivative that is inspired by regenerative medicine. It is a revolutionary hair growth ingredient that combats hair loss and accelerates hair growth. It helps in increasing hair growth and thickness. It works at a deep-rooted cellular level to stimulate stem cells, for increased hair growth in areas of scanty or patchy hair growth. A newly detected molecule in it, known as dihydroquercetin glucoside promotes hair growth. It is a great alternative to more invasive methods of regenerating hair growth, such as hair transplant, surgery, laser, and medication. The best part is there are no redensyl side-effects even if you stop using it.

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The Active Ingredients In Redensyl & What Is Redensyl Composed Of?

Most people don’t know what is Redensyl. Redensyl happens to be a synergistic blend of 7 plant-derived components. It stimulates dormant hair follicles to target hair loss and promotes hair growth.

  • Zinc: Zinc strengthens the hair shaft and prevents hair breakage
  • Dihydroquercetin-glucoside or DHQG: induces cell division in the stem cells to increase hair growth.
  • Epigallocatechin-gallate-glucoside: is a biotech derivative of green that exhibits anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting oxidative stress.
  • Glycine: It is a key amino acid, that is associated with keratin, and helps in the building of the hair shaft.
  • Glycerine: It is a hydrating agent and keeps the hair shaft nourished.
  • Meta-bisulfite: It is a hair strengthening agent and prevents hair breakage.
  • Water: It's the solvent that dissolves the rest of the ingredients and brings them together.

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How Is Redensyl Effective For Hair Growth?

Redensyl for hair growth is a very potent ingredient to induce hair growth. Due to age, stress, and other factors the anagen phase of the hair decreases, leading to hair fall, receding hairlines, and pattern baldness. It is typical to lose anywhere between 50 to 100 hair strands on a daily basis. Normally new hair replaces the lost hair because the hair follicles are active. The problem arises when hair follicles become dormant.

Every hair strand grows through a cycle that mainly consists of 3 phases: Anagen, catagen, and telogen.

The anagen phase is the hair growth phase which lasts from 3 to 10 years.

  • The Catagen phase consists of the 2nd cycle of hair growth where the strand remains attached to the roots, but the hair follicle starts shrinking. This phase lasts up to 10 days, and in the end, the root separates itself from the follicle.
  • The telogen phase is also known as the resting phase which lasts anywhere between 3 to 4 months. After this, the hair separates from the follicle and falls out.

Redensyl works to prolong the anagen phase of hair growth and controls hair loss. It also shortens the telogen phase and maintains hair health. It repairs the hair strands and protects them from environmental and sun damage. This ingredient also reactivates dormant hair follicles and induces new hair growth in bald patches. It increases hair density and volume by progressively activating new hair growth and is effective when it comes to hair treatment.

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Benefits Of Redensyl

There are a variety of hair care benefits offered by Redensyl and some of them are mentioned below:

  • It is a plant derivative and has a natural origin.
  • It works on a cellular level to target hair loss and promote hair growth.
  • It promotes sustainable production of new hair, for increased hair density
  • It can be used for spot treatment against pattern baldness and alopecia areata
  • It efficiently works to reduce hair loss, with regular use.
  • It also helps with the growth of beard and eyebrow hair.
  • Since it contains glycerine, it also improves the quality of hair, making every strand silky and smooth.
  • Zero side effects

Considering the effectiveness Redensyl has to offer, we have formulated a world class Hair Growth Serum with Redensyl and other hair growth-inducing ingredients like AnaGain, Procapil, and Capilia Longa.

ThriveCo’s Hair Serum 2.0 With Groundbreaking Redensyl

ThriveCo’ Hair Serum 2.0 with Redensyl works as a magic potion to enhance hair growth. It combats hair loss by increasing the anagen phase of hair growth. It contains patented and award-winning ingredients that awaken dormant hair follicles to generate a new hair growth cycle while rebalancing the new hair growth cycle. It fights premature hair loss and induces new growth in areas of hair thinning, making it an amazing remedy for receding hairline and baldness. The presence of Pentavitin and Hyaluronic Acid in this formulation hydrates and rebalances the scalp.

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Review Shared By Sriyashree P.

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"I've used it for a month now and it worked like magic. my hair feels healthier and very shiny too. it has even voluminised my hair. Loved the experience."


How To Use ThriveCo’s Hair Serum 2.0 With Redensyl For Hair Growth?

Redensyl for hair growth needs to be applied on a clean scalp, ideally before bedtime so that the product can work its magic while you are resting. Leaving it overnight will give the formula enough time to penetrate through the hair follicles. It can be washed off with a mild shampoo the next day. It needs to be used daily to show results. Redensyl for hair can be used by both men and women.

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