Redensyl Vs REGENDIL

Redensyl® vs. REGENDIL™ - Which Is Best For Hair Growth?

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What Is The Hair Growth Cycle And What Are Its Stages?

Before we start looking closely at how REGENDIL™ and Redensyl® differ, let's first understand what the hair growth cycle is and how it unfolds.

Hair Growth Stages

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The hair goes through three main phases:

  • The Anagen phase of the hair growth cycle lasts anywhere from 3 to 10 years.
  • The Catagen phase is the second part of the hair growth cycle, during which the hair strand stays connected to the roots, but the hair follicle begins to shrink. This phase continues for about 10 days, and eventually, the root disconnects from the follicle.
  • The Telogen phase is the resting phase of the growth cycle that lasts between 3 to 4 months. After this, the hair separates from the follicle and falls out.

Hair loss is a significant problem that impacts both men and women. The causes of hair loss can vary widely, ranging from genetic factors and hormonal changes to stress and certain health conditions.

Understanding and addressing hair loss is crucial for many seeking effective solutions and confidence in their appearance. Now, let's delve into the specifics of Redensyl® and REGENDIL™ for hair growth.

Redensyl® For Hair Growth

Redensyl® For Hair Growth

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Redensyl® operates deep inside your cells to boost your hair growth. It has a special molecule called dihydro quercetin-glucoside, that stimulates the stem cells in your hair follicles to grow more. The ingredient is created from 7 plant compounds. It's rich in amino acids, which are good for making protein in your hair and keeping it healthy. Plus, it helps the cells in your hair follicles regenerate, making your hair grow better.

It is an ingredient that helps your hair grow back, and it does this by managing the telogen phase in the hair growth cycle. It makes this phase last longer, and it speeds up hair growth while making your hair better.

REGENDIL™ For Hair Growth

REGENDIL™ For Hair Growth

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REGENDIL™ is a concoction of 4 potent components, namely Redensyl®, Anagain®, Procapil™, and Capilia Longa™. All these ingredients are combined in optimal percentages to achieve the best possible outcome.

See Clinical Trial Results for REGENDIL™ in this peer-reviewed international medical journal.

This blend enhances blood circulation and provides nutrients to the scalp, encouraging hair growth. It speeds up the growth of hair and enhances its quality, making it stronger and thicker. Clinical trials showed that REGENDIL™ is more effective than each of the four ingredients on its own. Users also observed reduced frizziness in their hair after using Hair Serum 2.0.

In addition, this formulation is clinically proven to reduce hair fall within 60 days of usage without causing any irritation, redness, or irritation on the scalp. In research conducted, the subjects saw a 32% increase in hair growth in 8 weeks of regular usage.

Hair growth rate after using ThriveCo Hair Serum 2.0 infused with REGENDIL™
Hair fall reduction rate after using ThriveCo Hair Serum 2.0 infused with REGENDIL™

Comparing Redensyl® and REGENDIL™

Research conveys that REGENDIL™ is a much more effective ingredient than Redensyl®. This is because REGENDIL™ is an amalgamation of 4 ingredients, including Redensyl®. It has the perfect proportion of all four ingredients and shows results much faster than Redensyl®.

Having said that, both Redensyl® and REGENDIL™ are absolutely safe to use and have no side effects. REGENDIL™, incorporated into ThriveCo Hair Serum 2.0, delivers significantly more satisfying results compared to Redensyl® as it has 3 additional powerful ingredients, namely Anagain®, Procapil™, and Capilia Longa™, which work wonders for hair growth.

REGENDIL™ stands as the new generation powerhouse in the hair care sector, representing a revolutionary all-in-one hair growth ingredient that performs remarkably well when infused into a hair serum. Redensyl® is effective at reducing hair loss and promoting new hair growth; however, research indicates that REGENDIL™ works faster and more effectively. REGENDIL™ seems to boost the hair growth process quicker, giving a faster and stronger response compared to Redensyl®. So, if you're looking for quicker and better results in your hair growth results, REGENDIL™ evolves as a scientifically better option.

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ThriveCo’s Hair Serum 2.0 with REGENDIL™

before and after using thriveco hair serum 2.0

ThriveCo's Hair Serum 2.0 with REGENDIL™ is a concoction of Redensyl®, Anagain®, Procapil™, and Capilia Longa™ in the right proportions to maximize the results achieved. This ingredient helps activate dormant hair follicles for improved hair growth while controlling hair fall. It generates a new hair growth phase by activating dormant hair stem cells and reduces hair loss by rebalancing the hair growth cycle. In addition, it fights premature hair loss and works on miRNA technology to stimulate new hair growth in areas of hair thinning. Apart from that, this serum contains Hyaluronic Acid and Pentavitin to hydrate the locks and reduce scalp dryness by repairing its moisture barrier. Hence, REGENDIL™ stands out as the most effective ingredient for promoting hair growth.

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