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5 Must-Have Skincare Products For Brighter Skin

5 Must-Have Skincare Products For Brighter Skin

Dr. Shireen Singh
Medically Reviewed By:

Dr. Shireen Singh, MBBS.

Written by Our Editorial Team


Healthy, radiant skin adds charm to your personality. It is important to practice good skincare as it will improve our skin's health. Not only does it cause acne, but it also makes you more susceptible to wrinkles, skin dryness and other skin conditions.

Each person's skin is different, so your skincare routine may also differ. Many factors influence your skincare routine, including your skin type and age. Every person should incorporate essential skincare products into their daily skincare routine. Glowing skin may be on your Wishlist this festive season. Let's discuss the 5 best skincare products to brighten your skin this festive season.

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You’re just 5 products away from brighter skin!

You’re just 5 products away from brighter skin

Make efforts to know the needs of your skin. Before applying a skincare product or starting with the skincare routine, you should know your skin type and concern. Then choose the skincare products according to your skin concerns. Selecting the right skincare product for your skin type can be a painstaking task. To make your job easier, we asked our skincare experts to share their go-to skincare products to maintain healthy, youthful, and flawless skin.

1. Cleanser

Dirt, dust and debris can accumulate on your skin, making your skin look dark, dull and dry. As per experts, you should wash your face with a cleanser twice daily to eliminate all the gunk. Your best face wash for glowing skin should contain skin-hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid. Try our Super Hydrating Foaming Facial Cleanser because it provides advanced protection against skin dryness and gently removes dirt, sebum, and other impurities, protecting your skin's natural oils. This facial cleanser's soft, creamy texture revives and refreshes your skin after every wash.

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2. Exfoliator

Exfoliators are designed to improve your skin's texture by removing the layer of dead skin cells and grime accumulated on the skin, thus revealing more youthful, beautiful skin. This will allow better absorption of skincare products into your skin. It would help if you didn't exfoliate every day. Instead, do it 1-2 times per week. If you have oily skin, exfoliate 2-3 times a week.

There are also gentler exfoliating products that you can use every day. Make sure that you check the list of ingredients on the label. This can be your second cleanse if you find a good daily cleanse. Our experts recommend using AHA-BHA Exfoliating Facial Cleanser, which all skin types can use. AHA and BHA are considered gentle exfoliators that clarify dull skin, revealing fresh, new skin. This exfoliating facial cleanser is ideal for acne-prone skin as it gently exfoliates dead skin and clogged pores without irritating them.

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3. Serums

Face serums are beneficial in hydrating and nourishing the skin. It keeps your skin soft and smooth. As face serums are lightweight, they get absorbed into the skin easily, nourishing the skin from deep within, thus maintaining skin health. Retinol, Vitamin A, C and E, niacinamide, ceramides and peptides are face serum's main components that help keep skin tight and reduce fine lines.

The serum is applied before applying a moisturizer. Serums play a vital role in keeping your skin plump and youthful. You can try our best-selling Youth Renewal Serum, our most lovable skincare product that has proven beneficial in reducing dark spots, wrinkles and acne. The remarkable feature of this serum is that it contains encapsulated retinol, whose gradual-release formula helps to thicken the outermost layer of the skin, reducing the appearance of early signs of ageing. Niacinamide helps to protect your skin from further damage. The peptide complex boosts collagen production, making your skin firm, tight and youthful.

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4. Moisturizer With SPF

Now comes the moisturizer. The role of moisturizer in your skincare regime cannot be overlooked. It is vital for maintaining healthy and glowing skin. Once you cleanse and exfoliate your skin, you may notice that your moisturizer starts working better. When the dead skin cells and debris which clog the pores are eliminated, your skin will be able to breathe, and the absorption of skincare products also improves. As per experts, you should moisturize twice daily to keep yourself hydrated.

For the daytime, use a moisturizer with a sun protection formula. Use a moisturizer with an SPF of 30 and above for maximum sun protection. Our experts recommend Thriveco's Ultra Light Daily Sunscreen Gel With SPF 50 for advanced sun protection. Being in gel form, it gets absorbed into the skin easily without making your skin look patchy. This sunscreen gel has a two-way action- it provides sun protection to your skin. It keeps your skin well-hydrated with super-hydrating ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and humectants such as Polyglutamic Acid. This sunscreen effectively protects you against harmful UV rays and prevents photoaging.

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You can use these products mentioned above in your regular morning skincare routine.

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5. Anti-Ageing Cream

Let's move on to the nighttime routine. Experts recommend using an anti-ageing or skin-rejuvenating night cream in your twenties to prevent wrinkles and fine lines. The best cure is prevention.

You should also cleanse your skin at night and use a toner. You can use a serum for your skin but skip your moisturizer. Instead, use an anti-ageing night cream which is vital for fighting early signs of aging. We recommend using our fast-selling skincare product - Anti-Ageing Face & Neck Cream. It has a unique combination of skin-friendly ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Squalene and Pentavitin to boost collagen production and reduce signs of ageing, making your skin look plump, radiant and youthful. You can use this age-defying cream every night before going to bed on your clean face and wake up the next morning with a fresh, radiant and youthful look on your face.

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Maintaining skin health should always be on your priority list. Using skincare products infused with the right skincare ingredients which target your specific skin concern goes a long way in maintaining problem-free, youthful skin. Apart from these essential skincare ingredients, you can use a hydrating and nourishing face mask once a week. A face mask or a sheet mask instantly adds a sheen to your face, improving the texture and appearance of your skin. Enjoy this festive season with healthy, glowing skin.


About Doctor :

Dr. Shireen Singh

Dr. Shireen Singh, MBBS, MD Dermatology, is a trusted dermatologist with over 8 years of specialized experience. Passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their hair and skin care goals, she combines cutting-edge technologies with personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual's needs. She's dedicated to helping you achieve vibrant hair and glowing skin. Dr. Shireen loves research and is here to share her expertise for your health and happiness.



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