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Dark Patches On Skin

Is It Possible To Fade Dark Patches On Your Body?

Dr. Shireen Singh
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Dr. Shireen Singh, MBBS.

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Dark patches are yet another abnormality on the skin. Caused due to an excessive amount of melanin, dark spots on skin start to form. These dark spots, caused due to a phenomenon known as hyperpigmentation can cause many people to be shy of what they look like due to the glaring visibility it has in comparison to the rest of an individual’s skin. They often end up causing people to have a lower self-esteem. Combine them together in a similar area at a particular area where they begin to accumulate… you have a dark patch.

Face dark spots and patches are particularly considered to be bad because if one doesn’t know how to get rid of it, then hiding it is also particularly difficult because makeup may not hide it so well and at the same time, makeup, due to the chemicals it contains may end up damaging the skin.

Face dark spots

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Thus skin pigmentation is an issue indeed. One might think that it is something that is uncommon but it is quite prevalent and affects people irrespective of age, gender or skin type.

Why Do You Have Dark Patches?

There are multiple reasons one can get dark spots on skin. Some of them will be discussed below in this section:

1. Exposure to the sun

One of the most crucial reasons as to why hyperpigmentation occurs is exposure to the sun. Exposure to the sun leads to the skin producing melanin to protect itself from UV rays and hence the formation of freckles, dark spots on skin etc. It is best to wear sunscreen if you are likely to enter open spaces in the afternoon as this is the time when the sun is most bright.

2. Aging

No one is immortal and neither is our skin. Aging can hinder our skin’s ability to repair itself. The effects of the sun and many other factors slowly start to take a toll on the skin thus causing skin pigmentation. As one grows up it is of utmost importance that they take care of their skin or else such problems can occur. To avoid this, maintain a proper skincare routine.

3. Imbalance in hormones

Hormonal changes too, can trigger melanin to be produced in our skin, hence causing these dark spots to form. Pigmentation on face during such times, combined with the changing hormones can cause even lower self-esteem, and thus calls for measures to take on this issue. Some of the situations where such hormonal imbalances can occur are pregnancies, menopause etc.

4. Conditions related to skin

There are a few skin conditions that can cause these problems. Melasma, lentigines, seborrheic keratosis etc. are just a few to name. These conditions too are one of the reasons for the issue being discussed i.e. dark spots on skin. Many of these conditions can be treated e.g. for melasma, referred to as the mask of pregnancy which is caused by overproduction of the color that makes your skin, there is indeed melasma treatment available to take care of it.

5. PIH (Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation)

When someone experiences a cut, burn, rash, acne or any other skin related issue, there is a major chance that the ones involving inflammation such as the ones mentioned above can again lead to dark spots due to skin pigmentation trying to protect you from harm. Obviously the skin means no harm, but the face dark spots after acne can be a little embarrassing for people. So try not to pop those little pimples.

Is It Possible To Fade Dark Patches On Your Body?

There are many ways to fade dark patches on your body. Protect your skin using sunscreen and protective clothes to avoid further possible dark patches, go for topical treatments which include vitamin c, hydroquinone, etc. Chemical peels and laser therapy is available as well, in cases of skin conditions such as Melasma there are Melasma treatments available etc. So in short, yes. Fading dark spots on skin is indeed possible.

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Dark patches can cause lower self-esteem. Self-doubt is okay as it is nothing but an opportunity to be better. Using the ways listed in the blog you can fade your dark patches and self-doubt.

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