Purple Stretch Marks

Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Purple Stretch Marks?

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Stretch marks… a bane on our skin that is quite difficult to get rid of. Stretch marks removal is something many have attempted but haven’t been able to quite get rid of completely.

And purple stretch marks just worsen the matter. They are far more prominent and make one more self-conscious due to having them.

So how can one remove these pesky scars? This blog will guide you around purple stretch marks, what stretch marks cream you can use and also a little regarding pregnancy stretch marks.

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What Are Purple Stretch Marks?

Purple stretch marks are basically the initial phase of one’s newly obtained stretch marks. When you are just getting started on getting these marks, they start off in colors such as red, purple, brown black. The idea is that they start off in a dark shade and eventually get lighter over time.

Though many medicines and stretch marks removal creams suggest that they can get rid of it that it completely removes them. However, there has been no study that supports their claims. Stretch marks fade over time and may or may not completely disappear. Major chances are that though they may fade, they’ll stay there permanently fused to your skin. But it isn’t something to be feeling extremely discouraged about. They are just barely visible and don’t really alter your appearance in a negative way. In other words… they are just there and have no consequences whatsoever.

But it is true that people wish to have these stretch marks fade away much quicker than the pace at which they normally advance, which is extremely slow! Women who are pregnant also get these purple stretch marks due to the skin expanding at a really rapid pace. So what are some stretch marks removal creams that one can use to do this task? Is there a product that guarantees 100% removal… This is all discussed in the next section of this blog

Is It Possible To Get Rid Of Purple Stretch Marks? 

There are numerous ways to get rid of these purple stretch marks. They include

1. Moisturization


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Keep your skin well hydrated and most of the job is done already. Moisturizing your skin regularly can help maintain the elasticity of your skin. Most important during pregnancies, because a pregnancy can’t be winged and has to be taken care of with utmost precaution and hence skin should be moisturized because pregnancy stretch marks can be far more taxing on the skin due to a far more rapid and sudden expansion of the skin!

A certain product that we have in mind for you is ThriveCo’s stretch marks expert! Powered by the groundbreaking Striover ™ , it helps you to reduce these stretch marks. It is a moisturizing serum cream that will help you reduce old as well as new stretch marks and maintain a positive self image at the same time!

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2. Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

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If your finances allow you to, then laser therapy can be opted for as well. While it is indeed expensive it is quite potent in terms of its effects. It stimulates collagen production in your skin which is responsible for elasticity and thus improves the appearance that has been ruined due to stretch marks! Multiple sessions can be booked and soon you’ll start noticing changes in the stretch marks getting improved slowly over time.

3. Micro-Needling


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This step involves a roller with multiple sterilized needles inside it which is rolled over your skin. This tearing of the skin leads to the rise of production of more new cells which helps remove the stretch marks thus allowing for a fresher layer of skin to be developed over the existing one!

4. RF (Radiofrequency) Treatments

RF (Radiofrequency) Treatments

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Over the course of time radio frequency treatments have been developed. Instead of tearing the skin, it is treated with heat simulation causing collagen to be produced at a faster pace. This technology is quite new and actually pretty good in terms of its efficiency!

5. Chemical peeling

Chemical peeling

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In this procedure, the top layer of the skin is removed. This leads to new cells being formed and potentially removing the stretch marks. This is something which should be observed within the vigil eye of a dermatologist.


Purple stretch marks have been haunting multiple people since decades but now there are multiple ways to correct it as discussed in this blog. Many people end up taking these to be symptoms of something far worse which is actually not and mostly never the case. The above mentioned methods can ranging from stretch marks removal creams to chemical peeling can help you reduce the impact of them.

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