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Stretch Marks & Body Building

Stretch Marks & Body Building : What To Do?

Dr. Deepti Prasad
Medically Reviewed By:

Dr. Deepthi Prasad, MBBS.

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Stretch marks… What are they? They aren’t much of a mystery as many people get stretch marks over the time span of their life. But how are they caused? When our skin stretches or shrinks really quickly, some damage causes the collagen and elastin in our skin to rupture. And hence, when our skin heals from this, the stretch marks appear!

There are many reasons as to why stretch marks appear such as growth spurts during puberty, pregnancy, rapid loss or gain of weight and finally, the topic of focus for the day, body building!

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How Are The Two Related?

People go to the gym. But do they care for the skin? Some might not take it into consideration but it is really important to look after their skin! Chest workouts and chest exercise in general can cause stretch marks near the shoulder area, which looks pretty bad when you’re going for a great aesthetic of a body but completely forget about how your skin looks. Any type of exercise which causes sudden stretching can cause stretch marks and we don't want that to happen now do we?

Don’t worry as there are plenty of stretch marks removal creams that can help you fade these over time. Though these stretch marks won't completely go away, they won’t look as bad as they used to. Think of the leftover scars as decorations of the war you have to get in order to attain a great physique! And now we move on to how we can fade these away from time!

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How To Fade Stretch Marks Gained From Body Building?

A nuisance as they are… A solution to remedy them is necessary. So here are a few ways you can get rid of these

1. Stretch Marks Removal Creams

Stretch Marks Removal Creams

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Though stretch marks can’t be removed entirely they can fade away. Using stretch marks removal cream is the best way to do so. Utilizing a good one is obviously something that will be effective and will help you to reduce stretch marks to a barely visible state! You can check out ThriveCo Stretch Marks Expert Serum reduces appearance of old and new stretch marks powered by groundbreaking Striover.

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"This cream is a game changer! I am a workout man and recently loose 21kgs because of I had stretch marks on thighs. Highly recommend! I can see the difference now its less visibility."

2. Derma Rollers

Derma Rollers

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Another route to take is derma rollers. Involving the concept of micro-needling, it involves a needle containing multiple sterilized needles which cause micro-tears in your skin. This will cause your skin to release collagen fibers to heal up the tears. The increased blood flow will also help heal up the scar tissue and effectively hide it!

3. Collagen Supplements

Collagen Supplements

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Not only will taking collagen supplements help you heal stretch marks, it will also help in many other areas. Scientifically backed up, collagen supplements will also relieve joint pain, prevent bone loss, boost muscle mass and many other benefits. So when going to the chest exercise gym, be sure to take some collagen supplements and this will help you in your extensive chest workouts.

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4. Say no to steroids!

Say no to steroids

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Many bodybuilders end up taking anabolic steroids in their pursuit of bodybuilding to get massive bodies. They end up getting massive muscles yes, but at the same time stretch marks as well. Stretch marks aren't the only problem caused by steroids, hair loss, aggressiveness etc. are also many problems that can be caused by steroids. Do your chest exercise but make sure you do it clean!

5. Sunscreen


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Skin can also be damaged by the UV rays of the skin. Its effects on stretch marks will worsen the situation. It is best to utilize sunscreen when going out in the sun so as to maximize protection of your skin!

6. Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Source : Shutterstock

If you are willing to go down a more expensive route you can always go for laser therapy in which light pulses are used to break down the scar tissue’s molecular bonds. A few sessions is all it will take to finally see your skin repairing and your skin being back to normal!

Body building is a positive endeavor and nobody would want it to be ruined by stretch marks. After all, it is about promoting a healthy self-image. This blog encapsulated some ways you can get rid of this unwanted condition and have a more positive body image and hope you are the best of yourself!

About Doctor :

Dr. Deepthi Prasad

Dr. Deepthi Prasad specializes in Dermatology, Cosmetology, and Aesthetic Dermatology and has been practicing for over 15 years. After completing MBBS from Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences Andhra Pradesh in 2009, she earned a MD in Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy from Osmania Medical College in Hyderabad in 2014.



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