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Skincare Routine

What Age Should You Start A Skincare Routine?

Dr. Shireen Singh
Medically Reviewed By:

Dr. Shireen Singh, MBBS.

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Is there a right age to have a skincare routine? If yes then what?

You'd be surprised to learn how many times we get the query, "what is the best age to start having a skincare routine?" "Will it be too soon if we start at 15 or too late if we start at 16?"

Yeah, as baseless these questions sound, they definitely have more merit in them than we give them credit for. A lot of people are still puzzled over the fact, what a skincare routine should actually entail while others can't decide what's the perfect age to have a skincare routine. Well, let us just put brakes on your bizarre thoughts and say one thing- there's absolutely NO age to have a skincare routine and there's NO perfect skincare regimen too, you will constantly need to alter, change, tweak, add or update it from time to time with your evolving skin and it's infinite problems. What we can therefore say for sure is that the sooner you start the better. It's like swimming, it's not essentially a necessity but you don't wanna wait till the day you're going to drown in the deep end, better be prepared than sorry. Here we've got some useful insights on what's the right age to have a skincare routine, if there's any and what can you expect when you've just started on this wonderful journey.

According to experts and dermatologists, people should have a system set in place by the time they turn 15. Even a semblance of a routine would work which might include, cleansing, moisturizing, applying sunscreen, etc. However, by the time you're in your 20s you can start using little more specific products on a regular basis like serums, face masks, exfoliants, face oils and many more and to increase its benefit you can start a face massaging routine too. Sculpting the face, lifting, skin tightening, etc. there are uncountable benefits of a face massage honestly. Also, this may sound cliché but everyone that we've talked to who's now a skincare enthusiast, has always had one common thing to say, "we wish we had started sooner".

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The only principle with skincare is to therefore, start early and be consistent. Even if you don't have a lot of time or money to spend on skincare or massages or whatever then just pick out a minimum of 3 products and 10 mins out of your day. We assure you that it's going to be the most relaxing time of your day.
Starting from cleansers, toners, moisturizers and sunscreen, these are the basic products that should be in your backpack anywhere you go. Once you get started then there's no looking back, you can add or remove any steps that you think aren't working for you.

Essentials in skincare


A proper skin care is designed to provide hydration and nourishment to your skin, prevent damage to the skin barrier and ensure that unwanted dirt particles and/or pollutants won’t settle down thereby clogging the pores. Different steps and products target different aspects of your skin, and the final result is what you get after not years then at least weeks of time, effort and work. There are precisely 2 times that people prefer to do their skincare routine- morning skincare and night/evening skincare. Morning skincare mainly focuses on protection and prevention the nighttime focuses on cleansing and repair. Now, let’s start with each of these steps and talk about in detail so that you get more clarity


The pores in your skin gather a lot of dirt, dead skin cells, oils, makeup, pollutants and general grime throughout the day, even when you’re staying at home all day. Especially, in a country like India where you can find dust particles all around your living room even with windows closed. That’s why a cleanser is essential. It not only helps remove the layer of dirt and debris from your skin so it can breathe but also gives it a natural glow which was hiding underneath. Cleansing sets the tone for the rest of your skincare routine and should be done at least twice a day, one in the morning and the other at night. Check out ThriveCo Foaming Facial Cleanser, if you’re in the hunt for one.  

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Oily or Acne-prone Foaming liquid


When activated with water or pumped into your palms, this cleanser morphs into an airy foam that helps break down dirt and excess sebum from pores.


Dry, red and /eczema prone Cream or Lotion


These cleansers are formulated with emollients such as glycerin or shea butter, which wipe away impurities while also hydrating skin.


Sensitive  Oil


While putting oil on your face might not feel cleansing, it actually is. (Just think: oil absorbs oil) one like argan is non-comedogenic, lightweight, moisturizing and well tolerated. 


Mature Skin Melting Balm


This rich, butter-like substance transforms or "melts" into a liquid when rubbed onto your skin. It can be used without water to dissolve heavy makeup and tends to be very soothing.


Any Skin Type Micellar Water


A staple of French routines, this soap-free option contains molecules that attract debris and oil like a magnet without causing any dryness. It's suitable for almost every skin type and unlike most other cleansers, there's no need to rinse it off or rub it - a simple swipe will do 



Exfoliation takes cleansing one step further. It scrubs away dead skin cells that can make skin appear dry and dull, unclogs pores, and allows new skin to shine through. However, exfoliation should be done gently so that it doesn’t further damage the skin and aggravate it. Not only that but exfoliation also helps you get the most out of your other skincare products by helping them absorb more deeply. A word of caution-exfoliation shouldn’t be done more than twice a week, otherwise you may damage your skin.

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Toners are designed to balance the pH of the skin. They come in a variety of options, including hydrating formulas and soothing ones. The best time to apply it is after cleansing and exfoliation. For best results, apply to damp skin and pat with your fingers.If you haven’t used ThriveCo Pore Minimizing Toner, it’s high time you do!

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Indisputably one of the most important parts of any skincare routine, moisturizers are non-negotiable. Designed to protect your skin from drying out, many are enriched with nourishing ingredients like honey, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid and more. Ever wanted to know the secret behind influencers// celebrity’s plump, soft and bouncy skin? A perfect moisturizer is a key to unlocking this secret so get ready folks, you’ve got some serious moisturizer coming your way

Pro tip- it’s best to apply it to slightly damp skin and massage it for at least 5-7 minutes to get optimal results. Massaging your face and neck area will give it more field to play with and would be easily absorbed by the skin.


WHAT IT DOES(according to mattioli)


Oily Skin  Gel Moisturizer


"This is a mostly water-based option that's lightweight and absorbs quickly".


Normal or Combination Skin  Lotion


"This is your classic moisturizer level; it feels more moisturizing than a gel but generally absorbs well".


Dry Skin  Cream and Soft cream


"It's more oil-based and heavier than a lotion".


Inflamed and sensitive skin

(But not acne-prone)

 Balm "Much like a cream, a balm is good for extremely dry skin types, but it's got a heavier texture".


Sunscreen is designed to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays that cause sun damage and premature aging. UV rays can cause photoaging, giving skin a leathery texture with discoloration, fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, and collagen breakdown. We recommend going for at least SPF 30 formula to be on the safer side of the spectrum. Also, even in makeup products nowadays, a lot of SPF options are available, so definitely do check them out.


Now, there are other bonus products also- from face oils, sheet masks, scrubs and serums among others, there’s a wide range of exciting stuff that’s here. This is well, only the surface. Check out our other articles to get to know more about this thrilling world of skincare. With this, we hope we brought some clarity into your skincare routine. Skincare is not just a beauty regimen, it's more than that, it's the same as caring for your physical and mental wellbeing. Happy skincare journey guys!

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About Doctor :

Dr. Shireen Singh

Dr. Shireen Singh, MBBS, MD Dermatology, is a trusted dermatologist with over 8 years of specialized experience. Passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their hair and skin care goals, she combines cutting-edge technologies with personalized treatment plans tailored to each individual's needs. She's dedicated to helping you achieve vibrant hair and glowing skin. Dr. Shireen loves research and is here to share her expertise for your health and happiness.



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