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Blackheads Free Routine

For keeping blackheads at bay by getting rid of excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells that clog pores, resulting in blackheads. 

Wage War on Blackheads Routine! Say it with us, blackheads deserve no mercy! End your struggle with the bumpy mess. Here’s an exfoliating facewash that gets rid of excess oil and dead skin cells. Slather on a dollop of sunscreen and step out.
Recommended For: Anybody of any age with blackheads, including, school-going teenagers during puberty, women during menstruation and pregnancy, young and seasoned working adults engaged in physical labour resulting in heavy sweating, people exposed to extremely humid environments, and regular users of cosmetic products. 

241+ Customers are currently using this routine

Even-Toned & Brightening Routine

For repairing the moisture barrier, buff away excess sebum, dirt, impurities, and clear acne spots, dark spots and melasma to attain a luminous complexion. 

Your skin deserves to stay charming, fresh, and plump. This facewash improves elasticity and softens as well as rejuvenates your skin. The serum with jam-packed goodness fights pigmentation and evens out the skin.
Recommended For: People aged above 40 who experience severe hyperpigmentation, pregnant women or new moms with melasma, and young, seasoned working adults exposed to sun damage, and pollution. 

241+ Customers are currently using this routine

Brighten Right and Sleep Tight Night Routine

For reducing wrinkles, acne, dark spots, pigmentation, calm redness, and smoothening skin texture by minimizing pores to enhance skin clarity that provides for youthful tightened skin.

A night routine for brighter days ahead. Night-time is for your skin to undo the day’s damage. Here’s a nutritious toner to nourish your skin at night. The promising one-of-a-kind serum reverses the signs of ageing too!
Recommended For: Young and seasoned working adults dealing with stress, exposed to pollution, fighting early signs of ageing to improve skin elasticity, minimize pores, wrinkles, acne and dark spots.

241+ Customers are currently using this routine

Everyday CTM routine

For clean, clear, and acne-free moisturized skin.

Complicated relationship with skincare? A good everyday skincare routine is a must at any age. Your morning skincare routine should prep and protect you for the day. Here’s a simple 3 step routine for healthier, happier days ahead!
Recommended For: Everyone. This one’s basic to begin with, for your skincare.

241+ Customers are currently using this routine

Youthful Skin & Pore Tightening Night routine

For overcoming dry, dull, and sagging skin with visible pores.

Your skin changes over time. It’s only logical to upgrade your skincare routine to meet the needs of your ever-changing skin. Achieve plum, younger-looking skin with this 4-step night routine we’ve curated to cleanse and repair your skin.
Recommended For: Young and seasoned working adults exposed to daily pollution, blue light, and sun damage noticing early signs of ageing - recurring acne, sagging skin, open pores, wrinkles, pigmentation.

500+ Customers are currently using this routine

Youth Skin Rejuvenation Routine

For dry, dull, and sagging skin with visible pores, dark spots, recurring acne, and early signs of ageing like wrinkles, and pigmentation.

As you age, your skin barrier begins to weaken, and skin elasticity hits an all-time low. Here’s a one-of-a-kind routine that intensely hydrates, boosts brightness, and restores youth for you to look and feel your best at every age.
 Recommended For: Young and seasoned working adults exposed to sun damage experiencing dry skin, fine lines, open pores from acne, and dull skin.

400+ Customers are currently using this routine

Hydrating Skin Routine

For diminishing visible signs of ageing and maintaining supremely hydrated skin which is firmer, healthier, and softer.

Hydration is an indispensable aspect of skincare. When your skin is thoroughly hydrated, it is well equipped to fight and flush out toxins. Say hi to a hydrating skincare routine with a nourishing moisture boost for plump, resilient skin.
Recommended For: College goers, young and seasoned working adults exposed to sun damage, pollution, and frequent blue light experiencing extremely dry or oily skin, skin irritation, skin sensitivity, recurring acne, lines, wrinkles, and crow’s feet.

340+ Customers are currently using this routine

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