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7 Healthy Hair Habits You Need To Adopt RIGHT AWAY!

Dr. Deepti Prasad
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We all love to flaunt long, luscious locks that shine and bounce with vitality, but achieving this is not so easy; it takes a lot of time and effort. You may find yourself fighting bad hair days. You are not alone. Over 80% of the population is plagued with hair issues such as hair fall, hair thinning, and dry and frizzy hair. Bouncy and luscious hair does not happen on its own—you need to follow best hair practices to keep your hair in good shape. You must be aware of the healthy hair practices to flaunt your long, luscious mane. Changing your shampoo and conditioner alone is not enough to maintain hair health. Whether you have straight, coily, curly or wavy hair, these seven healthy hair practices can level up your haircare game. Read on!

7 Haircare Habits You Wish You Knew Before!

Below are the seven best hair habits that will make your dry, dull and lifeless hair strong and healthy again.

1. Make Time for Hair Masks

Hair Masks

Pamper your locks with a nourishing hair mask once a week. A hair mask nourishes your scalp and makes your hair soft and smooth. A well-nourished scalp promotes the growth of healthy, thicker hair. If you use styling tools frequently, we recommend using a hydrating and nourishing hair mask twice a week to restore strength and nourishment.

2. Always Condition Post Shampoo

Always Condition Post Shampoo

Many of us skip conditioner post-shampoo, but experts say conditioning your hair is necessary after shampooing. While the shampoo is good for removing dirt and grime, leaving your hair squeaky clean, it also strips the natural oil from your hair, making it dry, dull and frizzy. Applying conditioner post-shampoo helps to restore the moisture level, adding bounce, shine and life to your hair.

3. Scalp Care Is A Must

Scalp Care Is A Must

A healthy scalp is essential for promoting growth and maintaining healthy, thicker hair. A healthy, well-nourished scalp makes your hair stronger, healthier and shinier, curbing hair fall, breakage and split ends.

But the accumulation of dead skin cells, debris, oil and product buildup can lead to the clogging of pores, disrupting the proper supply of nourishment to the hair. This leads to dry, lifeless and thin hair with split ends. Experts advise exfoliating your scalp once a week to eliminate all the gunk from the scalp, letting the pores breathe and facilitating proper blood circulation. We recommend using ThriveCo's Scalp Care Kit, consisting of a supercharged scalp scrub and a scalp vitalizing serum. The scalp scrub cleanses and clarifies making your scalp squeaky clean. The vitalizing scalp serum provides the scalp with lost nourishment and hydration. 

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4. Get Regular Trims

Get Regular Trims

Trimming your hair every once in a while, is always a good idea. Your hair is prone to dryness at the ends, so it is necessary to keep the ends hydrated; otherwise, it can result in split ends. Snipping the tips regularly will help prevent dry and frizzy hair. It promotes better hair growth, too!

5. Go As Natural As You Can - Avoiding Heating Tools

Avoiding Heating Tools

Styling tools can take a toll on hair health as they can damage the strands, making them look dry, dull and frizzy. Embracing your hair's natural texture is the best way to maintain an effortless, natural and authentic look. Also, whenever you subject your hair to heat, use a nourishing hair serum or any other heat protectant to dial down the damage.

6. Change Haircare Products With Changing Seasons

Haircare Products

Understand the needs of your hair according to the changing climate. Just like your wardrobe, you need to change your haircare products as well, along with the change in season. Using the same products year-round may not be effective for maintaining healthy hair, as different seasons can pose various hair concerns. During winter, your hair tends to become drier and frizzier, so you should incorporate a deep conditioner and hydrating hair serum. During the summer, your scalp tends to become sweatier and greasier, so you need to exfoliate more to eliminate all the gunk from the scalp. But too much exfoliation is not recommended during winter as it can aggravate your already dry scalp.

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7. Let Your Hair Be Once In A While


Avoid tight and complicated hairstyles as much as possible. A tight hairstyle pulls the hair from the root, damaging the hair strands and resulting in hair breakage, hair thinning, and pattern hair loss known as traction alopecia. Pulling the strands from the roots can build up pressure on the hair follicles. Take a break from the tight and complicated hairstyles; opt for a messy bun or a loose ponytail.

These seven healthy hair habits can help you attain gorgeous, long, luscious locks. Making minor changes in your lifestyle and eating habits can have a great impact on your hair health. Getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, indulging in yoga/ meditation, cutting down on junk food and hot beverages can be beneficial in maintaining healthy hair and a problem-free scalp.

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