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Curly Hair Style

Layered Cut Or Blunt Cut: What Is The Best Choice For Your Curls?

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The curly-headed girlies have always been doubtful about trying new haircuts or hairstyles for fear of messing with their textured curls. One of the biggest longstanding debates in the curly hair community is whether we should get a layered cut or a blunt cut. And with today's blog, we will be addressing this debate and will provide you with sufficient information to pick your side in this debate!

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Layered Cut

Layered Cut

Source : Pinterest

A layered cut is one where each piece of hair looks like it has been cut individually and gives a feathered-out and bouncy appearance that looks like you have excess volume in your hair as opposed to a normal haircut. Don’t you worry; although each piece of hair looks like it has been cut individually, all the locks that have been cut will present a unified and voluminous look.

Why should you get a layered cut?

  • To increase volume if you have lengthy hair.
  • To make your hair appear fuller if you have thick well-structured curls.
  • To reduce the body and bulkiness at ends that might be present in a straight cut.

Blunt cut

Blunt cut

Source : Pinterest

On the other hand, as the name suggests, a blunt cut is a straight cut across the width of your hair. This haircut will not add any dimension to your hair, nor will it offer any face-framing pieces that elevate the features of your face.\

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Why should you get a blunt cut?

  • If you like to keep the volume of your hair or the density of your hair at the base then you need to stick to a blunt cut.
  • If the way you style your hair regularly is plain and if you gravitate towards simple looks then this cut is for you.

Which one should you choose?

The kind of cut you want to get depends on the kind of way you want to style your hair! If you feel that you want to get a layered cut, then you should. But remember one thing before making your decision: the texture of your hair and the two haircuts can look completely different from each other depending on if you have a 2C or 4A, so ask your hairdresser for a second opinion before you make up your mind. Another thing to remember is that if your hair is dense or finer, layers look better on thick and dense curls as opposed to fine-haired loose curls. Also, don't forget to grab Curlvana Curl Defining Styling Gel to style your freshly cut curls well before stepping out!

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As promised earlier, now that you possess all the information on the two cuts, it is time to make an informed decision about getting your haircut. Do not forget to look for more reference pictures of hair texture and curl type that are closer to your hair to make the final decision, and also involve your hairdresser's advice while deciding because hairdressers possess at least as much information on hair cutting as any of us would. Happy haircutting!




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