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Curly Hair

Soften Your Curls With The Rake & Shake Method!

There are only two types of curly heads who embrace their curlies and have only two moods: 1) Always have three hairs in buns or braids, and 2) let their hair take centre stage in all its glory. And if you find yourself falling into the second camp, we have just the thing for you to try out at the end of this week’s hair care routine: “The Rake & Shake” method.

As much as we like this catchy little name for a hair styling technique, what we love more is a technique that delivers results every single time! This mistake has been around for a long time; it’s probably possible that you have already been doing this, but allow us to enlighten you on this golden hair styling technique for all the curly heads.

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curly heads

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What Is The Rake And Shake Method?

This technique involves sectioning your hair and working each section by slathering your hair cream, or, should I say, raking your curly strands with your curly hair product, and giving it a little shake at the end. That’s all! See you on another blog! Just kidding, guys, although this method seems too simple to be true, fortunately, it is true! So much so that this technique has amassed 33 million views on TikTok and is still counting.

Rake and Shake Method

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How Do You Do The Rake And Shake Method?

Step 1: Slather your hands with your favourite curly styling gel. We recommend you try Curlvana’s Curl Styling Leave-in Cream, which has been especially designed to ease frizz and produce incredibly soft and detangled curls without any crunchy residue. And follow this with Curlvana’s Curl-Defining Styling Gel, a lightweight gel that holds your curls in place while simultaneously deep conditioning them without any buildup.

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Step 2: Section your hair beginning with the pieces close to the nape.

Section your hair

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Step 3: Rake your strands with a dime-sized amount of Curlvana’s Curl Styling Leave-in Cream or Curl-Defining Styling Gel, starting from the roots to the ends, and coat the entirety of your strands with the product.

Step 4: As your hands reach the end of the strand, give your hands a little shake at the wrist, and voila! You have perfectly curled hair.

perfectly curled hair

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Step 5: Now it's Diffuse time, baby! Diffuse your hair on low speed in a medium-warm setting. Once the curl is set, finish it off with your favourite hair serum to add shine to your hair.

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The rake and shake method has been around for a long time. This technique has been attributed to Ouidad, a curly-hair-focused salon and brand that was established in 1982. And this method has been perfected, tried, and tested by many hair stylists for their curly-haired clients, and this technique is a real game changer no matter the type of curls you have; hence, be sure to give your hand at this technique and yes sure to checkout Culvana’s curly hair friendly products.




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