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9 Money Piece Hair Color Ideas For 2024

9 Money Piece Hair Color Ideas For 2024

If you have been on the lookout for a minimal yet effective, fuss-free hair color trend that adds personality to your existing hair color then you need to consider the money-piece hair color trend. The money-piece hair color trend, initially popularized by Geri Halliwell in the 90s, hit the most famous short content platform TikTok in 2023, but we kid you not, it is still the hottest style and the IT girl of all hair color trends and too soon to fade away into oblivion.

Highlighted Money Piece Hair Color

Source : Instagram

The money piece hair color trend is essentially highlighting the baby pieces or your face-framing pieces and a few of your hair pieces closer to your nape to give a completely polished look. There are multiple specialties with this hair color trend but the greatest virtue of it is that it works on light brown hair colors to all the way blonde hair colors and you can choose virtually any hair color to highlight the front pieces of your hair color from blondes to electrifying hair colors. How fun is that? So if you are looking for Inspo to hop on this trend, we’ve got 10 money-piece hair color ideas that you need to consider in 2024! You can check out Colorisma Semi-Permanent Hair Colors to get a gorgeous hair colors.

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10 Money Piece hair color ideas for 2024

1. The bold bunch in Pink

Pink Highlights

Source : Pinterest

As a fan of the internet stars Charlie D’amelio and TikTok, it is hard to miss her fiery, bold pink money piece that is gathered in a messy bun or her hair tucked behind her ears look. If you want to achieve this look, try Anveya Colorisma LA Pink and layer it over your bleached money piece hair strips to nail the look!

2. Electrifying blue

Electrifying blue

Source : Pinterest

Blue is a gorgeous color. Money pieces in blue? Is a dream come true. When the blue gets electrifying, you know things are about to get real. Just look at those blue money pieces and tell us you are not tempted.

3. Purple money piece

Purple money piece

Source : Pinterest

Purple money pieces can look this hawt? Who would have thought? Wear some purple on those face framing beauties, you’ll know what we’re talking about. Purple is the color of loyalty. It is rich, classy and chic at the same time.

4. Gemini, but make it in one piece!

LA pink

Source : Pinterest

Have you been wanting to try the Gemini hair colour look but are too afraid to go bold? Then we suggest you color your money pieces in two of Anveya Colorisma boldest semi-permanent hair colors. Get this look with LA pink and Northern neon.

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5. The neon punch

Neon punch

Source : Pinterest

Neon punch is indeed a fashion statement like no other. Find us another color that amazes you like our Northern Neon, we’ll wait! It’s simply impossible. Neon green is a color so full of life. The badass, edgy side of neon green is undeniable.

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6. Teal Money pieces

Teal Money pieces

Source : Pinterest

Really soak in and feel the teal with this money piece hair color look. Teal brings in the element of fantasy, sparkles and all things unreal. Teal has a vibe that no other color can match up to. If teal is your color of choice, you’re already our fav!

7. The sunny side up

The sunny side up

Source : Pinterest

A bright yellow will bring your sunny side. Look like the gorgeous sunshine you’re in Colorisma’s Cairo Yellow. Deadly in yellow is what we’re aiming to achieve this moneypiece look. You won’t be disappointed.

8. The supermodel way

supermodel way

Source : Instagram

Fingerling over Bella Hadid’s Instagram, you need to try her take on the money-piece hair color trend with two colors running along as parallels. To get this look, get yourself Anveya Colorisma Madrid Red and Valencian Orange and use those on your bleached money hair pieces in parallel to get that runway-ready look!

9. 2 shades of summer pink

summer pink

Source : Pinterest

If you are already rocking a red hair color then you need to try this eccentric pastel pink money piece that imitates the pink hues of the summer sky. To create a pastel shade, mix the L.A Pink semi permanent hair color with white conditioner. You can adjust the proportion to achieve the shade you desire.

If the above 9 money pieces look inspired, then you need to add Anveya Colorisma temporary hair color to your cart right away to try them all!

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