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Hair Coloring

A Beginner's Guide To Hair Coloring With Colorisma!

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With this comprehensive guide, coloring your hair with Colorisma will be so easy! Are you a newbie to hair color and want to hop on to the latest hair coloring trends? Hair coloring can be an exciting and transformative experience that allows you to express your unique style while enhancing your personality. Learn the fundamentals of hair coloring, no matter what your hair care goals are. Whether you want to go for highlights, lowlights, balayage or global hair color, getting your basics clear is essential.

Before applying a semi-permanent hair color, you need to pre-lighten your hair first. Before taking the plunge into the world of vibrant colors, you should be aware that regular bleaching and hair coloring can damage your hair. That is why most hair stylists recommend Anveya's Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent hair color with Hair Bonding Tech Hyaplex, which repairs the damaged strands while coloring it so you can have a damage-free, hassle-free hair coloring experience. All of the 8 vibrant hair colors- Madrid Red, Havana Teal, Valencian Orange, Cairo Yellow, Tokyo Purple, LA Pink and Moroccan Blue are amazingly vibrant and healing.

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Here is a comprehensive guide to hair coloring with Colorisma. Keep scrolling to learn how to get the hair color of your dreams from the comfort of your home.

Steps To Color With Colorisma

Steps To Color

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Hair coloring is a process of skillful application of colors to change your natural hair color. Anveya Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent hair color, available in 8 vibrant shades, is an excellent hair coloring product that delivers the best hair coloring experience. You may want to color your tresses in bold, vibrant hues of orange, yellow, red, don’t hold back. What are we waiting for? Let's get started.

Step 1: Pre-lighten your hair.

Step 2: Wear gloves before hair coloring to avoid staining your hands. You can wear an old T-shirt to protect your clothes from staining.

Step 3: Take a generous amount of your favorite Colorisma Smart Semi-Permanent Hair Color shade. Using a hair brush apply it through your pre-lightened hair.

Step 4: Apply the hair color evenly throughout the strands.

Step 5: Put on a shower cap on your head and allow it to rest for 25-30 minutes.

Step 6: Wash off the hair color and apply a conditioner.

Whether you opt for highlights, lowlights, or balayage, you can style your hair uniquely, opening doors for unlimited new looks.

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What Not To Do While Coloring Your Hair?

Hair Color

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You may obviously not want your hair color to look dull and faded within a few days. Keep these 'don'ts' in mind while coloring your hair to improve your hair coloring experience.

1. Don't Shampoo to Rinse Off The Color

Don't Shampoo to Rinse Off The Color

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After the initial hair wash, you must wait at least 72 hours before shampooing your hair. This time frame allows the cuticles to seal in the hair color pigments, preventing the hair color from bleeding and fading quickly.

2. Don't Color Gray Hair

Gray Hair

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Semi-permanent hair colors in vibrant shades are a great option for those who want to color their hair in a bright, vibrant hue and want to make their own style statement with highlights, lowlights, balayage or global hair color. Semi-permanent hair color may not be a good option if you want to cover your grays because gray hair is non-porous, making it resistant to hair color. Moreover, gray hair lacks melanin and natural oil, which is present in natural hair, making it difficult for the color pigments to deposit on the surface of strands.

3. Don't Apply Color With Bare Hands. Use Gloves!

Use Gloves

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Wear your gloves before applying the hair color to prevent your hands from staining. Wearing gloves allows easy and even application of the hair coloring product; you can easily saturate each strand with the coloring product.

4. Don't Wear Good Clothes While Coloring

Don't Wear Good Clothes While Coloring

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Wearing old clothes while coloring your hair helps protect your good clothes from staining.

5. Don't Apply Cool Tones On Top of Warm Toned Colors! Avoid a Disaster

Unicorn Hair Colors

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Cool tones with bluish undertones, such as purple, violet, blue and green, create a feeling of relaxation and serenity. Warm tones such as red, yellow and orange generate warmth and energy. Experts say it is not advisable to apply cool color tones on top of warm-toned hair color, as it won't be aesthetically pleasing.

Beginning your hair-coloring journey is like riding a unicorn on a rainbow. It is a journey filled with fun, excitement and adventure. So what are you waiting for? Grab your favorite hair color and brush, channel your Picasso, and paint the town with vibrant colors. Color your hair with pride, making your own style statement with Colorisma.

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Answering a few frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Hair Color Is Best For Beginners?

When it comes to hair coloring, follow the thumb rule: Color your hair 2 shades darker or 2 shades lighter to get subtle, more natural-looking tresses. But again, rules are sometimes meant to be broken. So, Colorisma colors are a good beginning to your hair coloring journey.

2. Which Part Of The Hair Should You Color First?

It would help if you colored the root first, as it needs more processing time.

3. How Is Anveya Colorisma's Smart Semi-Permanent Hair Color Different From Others?

Most of the hair colors damage your hair, but Colorisma Smart semi-permanent hair color with Hair Bond Tech Hyaplex repairs the damaged strands and nourishes the strands while coloring them. It is more like a hair treatment for the damaged strands.

4. How Long Does The Color Last?

Your hair color lasts up to 8-10 washes. The longevity of your hair color also depends on the level of bleach, heat styling and your regular hair care practices.




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